Forzo's Introduction


My name is Sophax. I am new on this platform.
I have been working with Belial and learning some types of magic. I think there is too much false&useless information about demons and their world and I will organise the information in a series of posts I am yet to write. People always think the world of energy is a world without limits or boundaries. Their world is just as organised and precise as ours. They too have their own sciences and they too move in space and time (not like ours).

Anyways, more about me;

I am interested in demonolatry as I said, but more interested in the self. I like to learn about the depths of the unconscious, doing shadow work and living the best live I can side to side with Belial. Though I do know that favors that are done for you; are not free.

I think I can navigate this jungle and eventually triumph. In the mean time I am just identifying the contents of my self and soul and training my senses to be godly.

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Welcome to the forum. Hopefully you’ll find plenty of help around here.

Welcome @Forzo

What, exactly, do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions beyond demonolatry?

Thank you for your interest. I’ve been practicing ancient Arabian gridwork, numerology and talismans.

How long have you been practicing those?

And how long have you practiced?