Forty Servants Overkill Ritual

So enough is enough and Im just about ready to do it.

heres my ritual space

all the candles are dressed as well


im honestly happy as fuck

I didn’t know about this before, thank you for sharing with me.

the whole purpose of this ritual is a complete overhaul of my life. My financial situation, living situation, freedom, ascent; one big overhaul and decided to do a a ritual of the ones most suited.

The Witch and the Sun- added boost to magick workings

The Fixer- Last resort to “fix” whatever your problem is at any cost

The Fortunate- money, luck

The Giver- minor miracles (needed one)

The Road Opener- (based off Ganesh) Clear all blockages to me moving on and money

The Gate Keeper- open doors and places which were unaccessible to me

The Saint- the communicator to the other spirits for clearer communication and ritual to be answered.

Basically; my suicidal tendancies have gotten worse over the past several years and I just said fuck it; enough is enough.

If I didnt do this ritual I was gonna off myself.

I felt so fucking happy when I told them my request; warmth and happiness that they heard.

Will be doing a second big ritual as a follow up and a clean up.


Also I dressed each candle with different oils apiece as well.

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I’ve heard good things about the Servants. Let us know how this goes.