Forneus and his Abilities

So, there is a couple I want to break up because I want one of them to be with me. I have looked around and found Forneus. Apparently he can make everyone love you, even an enemy. But it says like a friend. If anyone has worked with him, please let me know if he is capable of doing this. Thank you. (Sorry I sound like such a newb I just have so many questions that can be answered now that I have signed up on this site)


forneus is a spirit for rhetoric and making friends if u want this person and ur male ur best bet would be ether sitri or sargatanas. ether one of them would gladly help u, but be careful when u call up sitri they say u should ether have experience or have someone with experience help u.

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I will help you with these sketches:

  • It is capable of granting a good reputation, even if there is evidence of counter-rude acts towards you, being able to make it popular with friends and enemies, all as requested

  • Protects one from the malevolence of the wicked and his skill is such that he is called primarily as a demon of protection more than anything.

  • He has the ability to teach all kinds of foreign languages ​​and the art of rhetoric since he is an expert in communicative arts. He is also able to teach all kinds of science and liberal arts.

  • Conclusion shortly: Forneus serves primarily as a protection demon, although he is capable of teaching all kinds of science, arts and language. He is also able to give the evocator a good reputation and make them popular among his enemies and friends.
    He wears a crown of marquis at the top of his head and is an excellence in ties of friendship and support in the life of the operator

I hope I helped you!