Formality Towards The Divine

Is there a formal way to address gods/goddesses while in conversation with them such as “my lady/my lord” “your divineness”… I’ve never worked with Gods directly only angelic beings I’ve always called them by their name but then again they’re lower than an actual God, so any proper method of addressing a God? And is it allowed to have a conversation with a god such as you would with a friend, or should it be held in a professional manner, such as royalty towards a subject vice versa?


For me it depends on what I feel that is correct for the specific situation. For example, sometimes I address my familiar as “MY LORD! MY BLACK AND WHITE STAR! PLEASE, TELL ME WHAT YOU MOST DESIRE!” and other times I command him to do things just like with any other lesser demon under my command calling him by his mortal name. As for bigger entities, I often call them “mi señor” (my lord) or “mi señora” (my lady), or sometimes specific titles that they have within my system. Sometimes I use the Japanese honorific “sama”. Sometimes I also call them just by their names, because as I said, it feels correct at the momment and helps with the fluency of the rituals and spells.


Um…no, they’re not. Depending on which hierarchy you choose to follow, some archangels are actually set above the level of the common gods and goddesses. However, It is a bit rude to think of any type of entity as “lower” than another, in my opinion, regardless of the hierarchy.

I call all beings by their name when addressing them. “My Lord” can be used as an honorific, like it is used in English and Canadian law (Americans say, “Your Honour” instead, when referring to the judge), but it has religious connotations I dislike (Our Lord Jesus Christ, My Lord Lucifer, etc.) so I prefer to just use their name, and sometime, their rank.

For example, I call Paimon, “King Paimon,” as a gesture of respect, and I called Lilith, “My Lady,” also as a gesture of respect and love. I sometimes use an angel’s rank when calling them, for example, “Archangel Rapahel, I summon thee to help me heal and return to health,” or “Mighty Archangel Michael, wield your flaming sword on my behalf and protect me from those who wish me harm.”

Yes, once a relationship is built. Start formally, in whatever way you feel comfortable doing, and once a bond of trust and respect is built, then you can move into a more informal address if the god or goddesses allows it.


I work with spirits, I don’t worship them per se. I tend to feel more inclined to address them as I would an elder in my family, papa, madre, mother, mama, grandfather, grandma/grandmother…things like that, but it depends on the spirit. Some definitely demand you respect and use their rank.

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How would I start off developing our relationship? Offerings are one method I know of any others?

Offerings, prayers, and invocation, are the traditional methods.

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