Forgotten troops

Within my research of necromancy there have been a lot of quests surprises and that of mind-blowing information that has appeared. The mundane viewpoints and thought forms of what necromancy entails is atrocious horrifying and laughable all at the same time. However, the information standing back hundreds of years is sound and even though many remember Quest such as Homer’s Odyssey and that of Dante’s Inferno the Lost troops forgotten through time are really if not forgotten to be spoken on. For example if we go back to the 10th century AD 1025 to around 1285 AD area in history around Iran we see a religious sect in a similar manner as the cult of Artemis or the cult of Anubis it was highly religious and belief structure but also that of being highly trained in combat. This group of religious zealots has been related to over 300 confirmed assassinations of princes dukes and enemies of the Court With means of close-range combat and disappeared just as quick as they appeared. This group was called Hashshashin. This group of religious Warriors was so feared did it was deemed that they were undestroyable up until the Ottomans in 1285 AD. The ottomans better yet known as the Turks today in history we’re the ones that destroyed them. Yet this group left a Major Impact in history during the first Crusade, and even though they were young and lasted almost 200 hundred years, we’re masters of assassination what’s specialized in many areas a magical attacks. Their primary weapon was an athame a dagger which made them the most feared assassins give you their appearance assassinations disappearance like ghosts in the night.

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