Forgiveness or Celebrated Victimization Saw this and I honestly dunno what to say. I know forgiveness is good and all, but their has to be a limit to it

Forgiveness is for the forgiver, not the forgiven. You can forgive someone, but still crush them beneath your heel for their trespasses against you. Forgiveness does not exclude justice or comeuppance. Forgiveness simply prevents the attachment to the trauma from dragging you down.


I wonder if that is how “god” forgives?

Forgiveness is weakness. Excorcise your rage to punish them with a spell and then disregard them. They aren’t your problem anymore. Forgiving someone and letting go are two different things. Never turn the other cheek, to do so is inviting a second slap.


I have to disagree with you, Frater. Forgiveness is not the same thing as turning the other cheek. Forgiveness is a way of letting go, and moving on. It in no way means you would allow another trespass. Forgiveness is not forgetting. Rage is all well and good and has its uses, but also its drawbacks. Many people have destroyed themselves with their rage. Expelling rage within a ritual is great, if you can fully release it, but most people can’t. It is all too easy to get lost in strong emotions, especially for non magical people, who do not have the outlet of ritual magic to help. In martial arts, I was taught that rage is a good way to lose the fight because it blinds you. If all you see is red, you’ll miss the fist coming at your head, and this I have experienced first hand.

Never mistake forgiveness for weakness. Forgiveness is for the strong, for those who realize their own worth, and refuse to allow the actions of another to dictate their reactions. It is fit for a god, not for someone who wants to play a victim.


This is my view on things: We must embrace all aspects of self, and that means being able to experience the entire spectrum of emotions without allowing any one to dominate. Love is good, Hate is also good. Both can be used to fuel your Ascent. That being said their is a phrase that has stuck with me in my personal Path “Rage tempered with steel”. Emotion has it’s place, but there must also be control.

Also pure hate has it’s uses, but also remember that some traditions advocate a colder mentality when cursing. To reap soul from flesh with no more emotion than flicking a light switch. Just intent and raw power. Like squashing an ant if you will. You don’t hate an ant that bites you (at least I’ve never heard of anyone holding a grudge against an ant) NOR DO YOU FORGIVE IT. You just crush it and move on. Just another insignificant obstacle out of the way.