Forgetting knowledge :

After much consideration, I’ve decided to leave the Occult. I feel my Life Purpose lies elsewhere. Possibly being a Yogi or a Christian preacher (just not one who forces his beliefs on others).

But before I do this, I want to remove the knowledge I have on the Qliphoth, Vampyirsm, the Trans Qliphothic Labyrinth and the Vaults of Zin. I have no interest in any of these paths and have not done any initiations into them but I’m afraid that I may accidentally travel there…

Thank you in advance. If I leave the forum just know that I appreciate all advice I was given and I wish you all the best in your journeys :heart:️.


Remember you can’t really ever completely remove magic from yourself. It changes us permanently. I recommend regular meditation on your new path ( if you decide to be a preacher, you’d meditate on Yahweh) and maybe the occasional evocation of your new deity. If you cut out all energy work, you could end up feeling a bit off or leave yourself open to astral parasites.
Besides, knowledge of the occult could come in handy if you find yourself doing exorcisms in the future. ( You won’t accidentally travel there, don’t worry ).


Thanks for your reply!!

I decided to honor the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as well as the Hindu Pantheon as they make me feel more comfortable.

Are you sure? I really don’t wanna go to those areas in fact I’m gonna ask my Higher Self to ban me from those areas. They’ve been popping in my mind since I left.

I may be doing exorcisms yes. So perhaps some Occult Wisdom will help.


I’m making a public apology to every Demon or Spirit who I’ve told to leave in the name of Jesus in these few days. It was very disrespectful of me and I was really afraid and lost at that time. Please forgive me and please understand that I didn’t mean to offend any of you. I hope we can put all of this aside and move on :heart:

But from now on if names pop up I will simply say that I have no interest in working with anyone else.

Something in my mind keeps making these pop up but I think it’s the Ego tryna scare me. If it pops up and I say I don’t want to travel there or that is not where my path lies maybe I could negate the influence? Perhaps I could even ask my Higher Self to Block that information from my mind…