Forced Introduction

Hello everyone Im satans bastard child , from southern europe.

Im interested in Satan and demonolatry.

at this point im not yet in position of helping / providing guidance to anyone

I’ve rencently proformed my very first ritual and im not sure what do/ expect next ( already did a topic about it )

Anyways im just complying with the fiorums policy but after posting snooping around i can clearly tell that just as other forums this is not a very begginer friendly place



Welcome! And this forum from my experience they are friendly to beginners even the RHP practitioners, no one is judgeing.

Just makesure you read BALG rules


Forced not, expected yes.

What specifically have you searched for that your not finding?

Have you thought about starting a thread about your experiences, there are many personal journals posted from members documenting first time undertakings, results and lessons learned.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Well, you’re not wrong. Lol. Anyways, there is good information on these forums, but like any forum, it has trolls and some not so friendly people. But i think the good information on here outweighs the cons. Good luck.


Hi and welcome to BALG.

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Glad to see you started out with an open mind and a winning attitude there champ! :+1:


He’ll be outdoing the lot of us in no time, I’m sure


Lol how could it be otherwise when one makes a post asking a specific question and is utterly ignored…

Well, 2 on-topic replies and our ever-vigilant Batman helping you find your way around isn’t “ignored,” and you may find you get more interest if you put in a bit of effort, since this presumably matters to you - I have edited your original title “so i did my very fist ritual what to do / expect next?” to “I did my very first ritual, what to expect next?” because that looks less lazy.

I’ll shortly be sending you a PM with useful things in, meanwhile, this article will repay the time spent, to understand why many people will shun a topic that appears lazy:


Ah… Now I’m starting to wonder what a “fist ritual” might look like. Has anyone tried to integrate BDSM into a ritual context before? That combination of sex and pain would make for powerful magic…

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Il’’ have to agree with you, yesr initial title sounded lazy…anyways thank you for the help and, reading material provided :wink: