For Those Who Lack Their Energy Or For Those Whose Energy Is Tainted

I do herbs at times. I have teabags I can customize and my pharma is extensive. But salts are a must.

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I fast, eat lots of vitamin C containing things when I’m done fasting, and make sure to drink at least 1 liter of water a day.


Check this out as well: Experiment Report : Sugar Loading Prior To Major Work

The tl;dr is, eat a combination of simple sugars, complex carbs and fat before major magickal work (whatever that is to your personal path, paradigm, etc) then replenish your brain (literally, physical brain, not “mind”) with coconut oil, around 5g to start with, too much will go straight through you (don’t ask how I know this :blush:).

Depending on what you were addicted to, and for how long, you may have screwy brain metabolism and coconut oil may assist you:

Until I read “Coconut Ketones: A New Approach to Alcoholism” by Bruce Fife, N.D. in December’s Well Being Journal, I had no idea that the craving for alcohol was not only emotional (a coping mechanism for daily and sometimes deep seated distress), but a survival mechanism–an attempt to keep the cells of the brain alive!

Let me summarize this eye-opening article. Recovering alcoholics who have given up the bottle but still exhibit the behaviors that drove them to drink in the first place are sometimes referred to as being a “dry drunk”. Dry drunk symptoms are real and overwhelming. They include depression, anxiety, irrational thinking, irritability and a craving for alcohol–because the brain cells of a chronically heavy drinker can no longer get the energy they need from glucose.

Why not? Because alcohol triggers oxidative stress and inflammation leading eventually to insulin resistance. And without insulin, the brain cells cannot absorb glucose (their natural fuel) effectively from other sources. Eventually the cells starve to death–unless they get acetic acid for fuel from yet another drink.

Although alcohol itself is toxic to the brain, the acetic acid derived from it does not need insulin for absorption. So when the alcoholic takes another drink, the brain cells then get the fuel they need to survive. But at what price?

Roger Hershline, PhD, MD to the rescue. Suffering from dry drunk syndrome himself, he studied brain metabolism and eventually discovered coconut oil (which can be absorbed by the brain cells without insulin) as the best food to nourish and heal the brain. He wrote The Coconut Oil Miracle, giving other sufferers the benefit of his experience. Scientific research has shown that the brain can indeed generate new cells: “neurogenesis”. So overcoming alcoholism is now a real possibility. One does not have to be a “recovering” alcoholic forever.*

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Given that symptoms of low blood sugar are pretty far-ranging and also painful, even opiate addiction may be assisted by using coconut oil, it’s a “suck it and see” situation.

There are a few topics on this forum about addiction and depression, use the search fucntion to find them. :+1:

Lots of magicians get addicted to things, and/or have depression or other symptoms of friction between the world inside us and the ridiculous gang-fuck of mass-observed manifest reality.


As someone who used to be addicted to opiates - I agree with this 100%. I used coconut oil, cannabis, and vitamin C to get over my withdrawal systems and a LOT of meditation. It’s actually how I ended up on a path to begin with.


Hats off to you, seriously, for finding your own way out in an asylum-world where “surrender to a higher power” and big-pharma drugs that are as addictive (and far less fun) via the old script sheet are the default methods of dealing with people like us.


And thanks also to @C.Kendall whose awesome topic made me have to jump in and start this: Unofficial Forum Tutorials Directory ~ Beginners, Check This Out! 👍

You’re on fire recently! :astonished: :+1:


I locked myself in a room for 3 weeks and watched a lot of Ninja Turtles… lol.


Thanks very much.


Is there anyway I can work this routine with a shower? I only have a shower room, I’m afraid. And does it matter how big the crystals are? I’m only down to a few small gemstones as I had a massive purge in July and got rid of hundreds of books, dvds, crystals and god knows what else, in my move to a more minimalist lifestyle :rofl:

@VoodooWalk I’ve heard of the massive benefits of Vit C (I looked into it more seriously in Aug after my mother had a heart attack and was lead to read up on Linus Pauling’s work in that area, of which, naturally, he is vilified by mainstream science). Do you think it could work by fasting for 2-3 days on water, Vit C, and coconut oil or would that put too much strain on the body? I’m just sick to the back teeth of beig addicted to sugar and it being the bane of my existence, leaving me with so little energy to live a normal life. I want to start getting serious with meditating in the New Year, if not before, but I’m usually too tired to meditate less I fall asleep or lose focus! If I don’t sort my health out, what with me feeling the way I do with depleted energy reserves, I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m dead within 5 years, even though I’ve not had a serious health problem yet. I am able to ingest around 7,000mg Vit C/Lysine/L-Arginine daily but I don’t feel full of energy.


Not to presume to answer for @C.Kendall but another respected member on here once suggested load anything intended for a bath into a spray bottle, here’s the post: Uncrossing?! Help! - #12 by TheWanderingFool


Coconut oil helped with Vitamin D, E, and K. (You could also take the capsules.)
Vitamin C helped with getting over the pain of not being able to get out of bed and the shivers.
Fasting helped with keeping my mind focused on getting sober.

Another thing I’ve been told to use for energy / feeling depressed is melatonin before going to sleep. It helps you sleep through the entire night.

Honestly, I think it would help, but I don’t know if it would be the same way as what I did. I got mine from one of my friends who was obsessed with vitamins and their affects. Dude was a straight up modern alchemist.


Thanks, Lady_Eva, I’ll keep this in mind. At least there is an option for those with only showers!

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Think I’m going to do a 2-day fast on Christmas day. We only really celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve in my house and I usually can’t wait to box all that crap up on Christmas day and get on with the year! 2019 will start on Dec 25 for me.

I’ve not got the singular capsules of vitamins D,E, and K, so do you think a slight overload of multivitamins will suffice until I can get some in? I’ll combine that with Vit C megadosing to bowel intolerance and ingesting Coconut oil throughout the day. I’ll hydrate with water and herbal teas.

I do use melatonin, in fact! I swear by the product. However, I have noticed since hitting the bread again this month (I hadn’t eaten it for years) It’s not working so much. Wheat makes me feel shitty but it’s been a cheap option to fill up. But I feel like I’ve been dosed with a horse tranquilizer yet can’t sleep at night even with melatonin. Clearly, I’ve got a sensitivity issue with wheat and a LOT of toxic crap in my system.

Vitamins are fascinating things and god-given, thankfully!


Wheat’s evil, and not in a good way.


I second this. Bread is horrible for you.


Yes, I concur and WILL give it up again. I managed without it for long enough. When I eat it, it just feel like my energy is smothered by this heavy, exhausting cloak. I don’t feel like me. I just feel like a bloody zombie on it. Which begs the question, why eat it? Human habits are ridiculous and confusing at the best of times! My mother is addicted to bread and I’m sure helped play part in her heart attack but she refuses to give up. 98% of her arteries clogged and all 4 ventricles to her heart badly damaged up and she won’t try. That’s crazy for you! :laughing:


A bath, and call on Poseidon to wash away everything, that does actually help.


Water drakes can help too. Evoking a Water Drake is a bit harder than Poseidon though.

Especially if your severely allergic

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Also, I lived for a long time without a bath, and I realized you can buy an inflatable tub on amazon. I was able to fit it into my shower and it worked really well, it had a plug on the bottom that you just release, or you can deflate the tub to get the water out.

Before that, I would buy these scented tabs they have at Lush that you put in the shower and the scent carries through the hot steam, and I would burn some incense and use an oil diffuser as well.

Any time it rained outside I would run out to it as well and sit out in the grass to meditate in it.