For Those Who Have Walked the Path of Smoke

Greetings, I’m curious what the end game of this current has done to your magick. I sense remarkable alchemical changes and I’ve read in the Grimoire about your ability to manifest what you desire going through the roof.

I’d like to hear some stories about the practical aspects of this current from those who have walked it. C.Kendall, Dinmiatus, even Kurtis. Anyone really.

I love this book even though it’s one of the 3 currents that scares the hell out of me. I’d like to know what to look forward to on the practical side of it as I get deeper in. What did you notice at first? What have you found happening in your abilities as you got deeper? Upon finding the “Brightest Light in the Deepest Darkness,” what happened to your magick? Your reality?


Very briefly, the first conjuration that I did from that book was Ahriman. I had doubts about the manifestation and I asked him for a sign. As I retired for the night and shut off the lights I saw the image of a young woman hanging by a noose directly above my head.

I stared at this for some time and then I felt energy gathering at the foot of my bed. This kind of thing always precedes fucked up things happening. So I said “you know what? That’s enough. I get the point.” The energy immediately withdrew and the girl vanished.

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What books are there on the path of smoke?

Just the Black Magick of Ahriman, as far as I understand.