For Those of us Who Were Wronged/Lost a Lot This Year/Decade


“They came and they took it all
They took my innocence
And forced me see the world for what it is
They took my heart and stabbed with no regrets
They took my soul and played with it
They took my hopes, my dreams, my desires
They used me, they violated me, they bruised me
All my friends had gone and my family abandoned me
They took my life and gave it away as if were some toy to play
Made me a insignificant copy of a real dream
The one I trusted my whole life had deceived me
Everything I’m, was took away from me
Everything I had, was gave away to someone else
Everything I expected to be, died out
Together with everything I expected to do
The thing I feared the most had come true
They gave me nightmares and took away my dreams
They left me bleeding in a dumpster
Hoping me to die
But I didn’t die
They expected break me in a unrepaired way
Oh they did broken me
But I’m still alive
But I’m still me
I can still heal all those wounds
I’m still alive
They maybe had took away everything from me
But there’s one thing I won’t allow them to take from me
The one thing I still have
The one thing I can give
Is my fuckin smile
I maybe be broken inside
But I ain’t dead
What mean that there’s still a tomorrow
And tomorrow I can fix me
Tomorrow I’ll save myself
And for that I smile
But they… they lost something within themselves
No tomorrow will save them from themselves
And for that I smile
So I’ll drink some wine
And eat
And fuck
And laugh
And smile
Just to show them
That I can still smile
That I can still live, cause I’m alive
Even though they tried to kill me
Despite of everything that they did to me
I can smile
I can revenge them, sure
Burn them to the ground
Hunt them through my whole life
Destroy them
But in the end of the day
My best revenge is to smile at them
Is to show them I can still smile
They didn’t broke me really
They didn’t killed me
And I still have a tomorrow
There’s hope for me
And they don’t.
There’s no hope for those who lie
There’s no hope for those who deceive
There’s no hope for those that hurted me
Those that tried to break me
No hope for those that tried to kill me
And for that, for that I smile
Nothing can destroy me
Nothing can kill me
Nothing can break me
I’ll keep smiling untill I’m done
Is my life, my soul
And I’m fighting for it
They can try break me again
And again and again
And I’ll rise again
Stronger and unkillable
I’ll fight for my destiny
I’ll find new dreams to me
I’ll find the will to live
I’ll survive
Cause no one will kill me
No one will break me
I’ll save myself
And for that
I’ll give my best smile
You’ve got fall to rise
And I’ll rise smiling
I’ll crawl up from the pit with a smile in my face
Cause they can’t destroy me
I’m a survivor
I’m my hero
I’ll break free
From those chains that held me back for so long
Now I’m free from their lies
Now I see
Now is time for a new beginning
Cause I’m alive
And there’s a tomorrow for me
And for that
I smile.”

Alright, so in this Christmas (regardless religion) you buy yourself some nice shit, you sit and chill with a bottle of wine (or soda :smile: ) and you think about those who wronged you, those who had tried to destroy you and you smile, you smile because they didn’t succeed in destroy you, cause you’re alive and there’s a tomorrow for you, you got yourself. And they, they lost something within themselves. So you smile. You got something that they don’t. There’s hope for you. So don’t cry, don’t hurt yourself, you celebrate life, celebrate Christmas or whatever you want to, with those you love and that loves you back, whether is your family, or friends, or virtual friends, or love, or pets, or just yourself, cause you got love yourself, I mean you’ve been through so much and you survived, you’re so strong. So smile cause you’re alive. Smile cause you survived. The new decade will be better for all of us. When the new year, the new decade arrives you smile at it, cause it will be awesome.

“Decide to be fine until the end of the week. Make yourself smile, because you’re alive and that’s your job. Then do it again the next week. I call it being professional. Do it right, with a smile, or don’t do it.” - Supernatural