For the naysayers

Seems to be a lot of “magick doesn`t exist!!!” People out there lately, so heres one for the win. All i did was say soon ill have a watch for sarcastic purposes (mostly to imply people are moving too slow for my liking and looking at my watch can imply the feeling I want to convey, I am a jerk).

Here it is, I paid nothing it just showed up at my work one day and a co-worker gave it to me for free.

Very little had to be performed on my part… so shut up naysayers :grin:


P.s. yes I’m on the toilet to add insult to injury to the naysers :rofl:




Word! Do you ever wonder if it even dawns on them that the reason it doesn’t work for them is that they don’t believe it?


I try to tell them all the time, but they think I am crazy. They all act as if Azazel must appear before you and eat your arm off before you see any return.

This isn’t even the only thing I’ve had going for me lately, but it is the only physical reward recently I can take a picture of to prove it.


Also for the naysayers - here is Magick explained by the CIA:


I thought that this was about to be a dick pic. “Hey guys look at my new watch!” Big schlong dingles.

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Thanks for the compliments lol :sunglasses::rofl:

Here I am again to prove the simplicity of magick and it all. I asked my council to educate me some weeks ago on finances and building wealth. Note: I said educate, not gimme money’s.

I somehow discovered numerous videos that I have been developing lots of information from after this request. One guy in particular I have been learning a lot from, I wanted to get one of his books so I can have an easier reference. I was going to buy one of his books online last night and decided last second, no I am trying to pay off my bad debt at the moment, but “how can I afford this?” Without compromising my current goal.

Also, note: I said “How can I afford this?” Not the common “I can’t afford this.”

Sure enough, here it is today! Showed up in a new pallet at work. Mine for the taking.

So to those who say magick isn’t real, shush now. My wealth grows daily.