For the ladies - Magick & Rituals


What experiences have ladies had with evocations and other rituals while on their menstral cycle?

I’m a lady too which is why I’m asking. :blush:

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It is draining for me but more effective since the energy is flowing. Just don’t overdo it!

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@MiKu I can understand that. Any negative experiences associated with ritual work during your menses?

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I can semi relate to the drained feeling but not exhausted or expended if that makes sense. For me it’s like having all the proper tools to get something done- you know you’re accomplishing the task there is no question.

There are things I won’t do during this time also. I think one should be careful who they work with - I wouldn’t specifically call forth an entity known for being blood thirsty. That could definitely drain you.


I find that when i am workingbwith a demon i will start- i hate it does not matter the timing

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