For spirit manifestation: black mirror/ astral projection/ lucid dream et cetera

Hello everyone!

I would like to know from those who have got experience invoking/evoking spirits, what are some pros and cons of the different means of spirit manisfestation that you use to talk (…and see) with the spirits ?

Note: I prefer answers from those who actually have the experience, not from those who hearsay.

Black mirror is Hard at the beginning cause you have to practice daily and keep staring in spite of initial pain, tears or whatever. Also you should keep it attached to your body and give him/her a name and be a team with the spirit of the black mirror, best are of natural Obsidian.

The astral projection is extremly hard at the beginning because of the thirst and hunger during the exercises. It’s all about training. It’s like a muscle after some months will work just fine

Thank you for the reply… I want to start practicing black mirror because I currently think it requires less effort of that required for AP which requires TGS/trance state and is something hard to keep stead.
My concern was on how to prepare ones self mentally to see spirits through the BM (like a video call) without panicking…

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That happens naturally when you do that kind of workings by saying the name of the spirit, drawing a sigil on the BM with a special pencil for cristals, or put the sigil in front of it. But you should do also some chakra energy work with Sahasrara, Ajna and Visshuda to be able to communicate better with the spirits

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