For smite players

Have gods ever appeared to you in the forms you see them in the game?



Well its not a game but a series.

A few nights after i contacted Lilith - I saw Sam from supernatural and he flicked something at me. I have no idea what.

It’s strange because I’m not a big fan of that Series anymore.


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Not my thing these days, soz. :smiley:


What about the general advice on imagining spirits and why we do that anyways? Like if I were to say I saw a horse (like while scrying) and it looked like a skyrim horse, would that horse be a figment of my imagination?

No, they will sometimes take ion the form of stuff like that I think, not so much around me lately but then my whole relationship with “fiction” has gone a bit off the rails, eg., my “Cabinet Of Invisible Counselors” usually manifest as being tangibly specific, known, gods, like Dhjuty and Hathor etc. :woman_shrugging:


No, but I know I want to make a version of FreeCiv that is more like Smite. I won’t play Smite itself until they decouple themselves from Steam because Steam TOS sucks.

Nope. But I had Belial show up as Pyramid Head from Silent Hill once. That was electrifying


Thoth has sort of. He had similar colors in his plumage when it came to his ibis head. But different outfit. And he had human hands and feet.