For my writing

I’ve decided to not use the words demon or angel. Instead I’ve decided to use words that would be less recognizable to the general public. Melek for angels. Daimon for demon. I’m hoping this way I can avoid trouble.

I’ve also decided to use the Goetic hierarchy, with the 8 kings ruling the infernal realm. Belial will be the top of this hiararchy.

I’ve decided Lucifer will not be an entity but will be the power to create light from darkness and to see darkness in light. It will be the true power of creation. Those who possess it will simply be called Lucifer’s and will be held sacred (and challenged) by daimons


I prefer daemon, but that’s just me.

I can take daemon, and actually prefer it too. But I worry its too recognizable considering Warhammer. My demons are more chaotic neutral.

Its in a lot of works. Don’t worry about it.