For my brothers [Kunda yoga video]

I would just like to add this for those walking this path. I understand this is the best way to practice kunda yoga while chanting the Div you are trying to be in sync with.

Please correct me if needed be. I’m very open to this discussion.

Kunda Yoga:


That looks right to me, based on my memory. Good find. I couldn’t find those while I was looking for the asanas mentioned in BMOA, so I substituted the asanas I could find that corresponded to each chakra.

Now I’m thinking that was a sneaky way to get me practicing the more physically demanding asanas. lol

Sure, we’ve all heard how the Dark Side has cookies and there are even rumors of pudding, but all I’ve found are “eat this salad, it’s good for you” and “do this yoga, it’s good for you”. Evil bastards. lmao


It’s good to see that you guys are using the YT playlist that I created.


Great!!! Thanks!!!


Yes it was sneaky way to entice initiative, but they can be found. We had no room for anymore graphics unfortunately.


Thank you for the link! I just asked for it mentally (was just searching for a link to see what it is and do it - which I couldn’t find btw) and then I opened this thread! I am so spoiled!

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Ok I am officially freaked out. But in a good way. I have been getting “bugged” to do yoga for about 2 months now. Never had a drive to do it before but for the past 2 months it has been on my mind tough! To the point I asked my physical therapist if she knew where I could do yoga and IF I could do yoga. As I am asking and wanting to do this I feel STUPID because I am in a wheelchair and I am thinking “Hey! Asshole! You can’t do yoga! You have to be able to stand to do those poses!” but still I kept asking every time I got a different therapist if they knew about it or where I could go. (yeah I am that big an idiot! I am stubborn as a mule!) Well. I see yoga mentioned here which I never heard of before but I didn’t think much of it because like I said I never looked into it before. I looked it up before but only found a french speaking link for it so I came here. I open a thread that has NOTHING to do with yoga and find this link. (thank you again!) and I go watch it and hello! All the poses are seated and I can do them. THAT is what they were directing me to do! I could see it in my head but all I could see was the sitting. I had no idea what to do after that part. Wow. I am speechless… With a lot of words but SPEECHLESS!! lol! Isn’t that COOL!? I am tickled pink!


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