For musicians

Dear Musicians,
and aspiring Musicians.

If any of you,
ever sought to become a real Tosser (Sound Mage),
please have a look at Orpheus.

the version i have here i german,
but i’ll update it when i got an English version.

Please use subtitles,
until then.

Okay, this ain’t the same length and depth,
but a good english summery of the tale.





Subs are also in German. Synopsis?:smirk:

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my bad.

it explains how Orpheus was a stronger musician then even the nymphs.

He’s a half-god.

And the Sigil should help filling in the details.

Orpheus also haves an aspect,
of lost opportunities,
and extreme sadness.

Just to be mentioned aswell.

  • The Snake around the Egg symbol,
    should actually be Ophian,
    the first original Health / Healing Diety,
    at least in greek Pantheon.

It’s increadibly potent,
and mostly overlooked,
as most work with stuff that’s deprived from it.




Curious as to the English version when you get it!

Music was what got me interested in magick in the first place! Most people come to it over love or money… Mine was music

(and then I dove into it hard due to love and money… Do I still get my hipster trophy?)

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This post is so coincidental, it is no simple coincidence at all. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction once again

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Thanks intresting and nice.

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How we could use this Sigil?

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i added a shortened summery of the Story up there.

I found various Orpheus Movies on Youtube,
but i don’t want to link those,
in case they might be Copyright issues.

Simply seurch them yourself,
here’s my seurch i used.



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I really like Irish and folk music for that purpose, as it’s strongly connected to our roots! I think many people can relate! Even with my friends, if we have a big party, I usually convince them to hire an irish band or something - thus I can feel much better spiritually, even if they don’t suspect anything…