For E. A. Koetting, serious question

I’m VERY curious, after all your years of practices, have you reached the Illumination? I mean made Kundalini Goddess ascent through the Crown chakra, or reached Kether? I mean, you’ve mastered the Great Work? Or one never finishes it? I know it’s a delicate question but all magick practicioners I meet are always at my level or a bit more advanced (I’m a beginner though I’ve been practicing for around 5 years continuosly), so I can’t ask for this to any of them.

I’m very serious about this question and with all my respect

Yes, I indeed have. Keep in mind, though, that it’s not a one-time thing. You hit the moment of absolute liberation and bliss, and then you lose it. Then you learn to release and then attain it again, and then you lose it again. The trick is to prolong it if you can, try to reach that state as often as you can, and continue to bring it back to earth. In between these moments, in the valleys rather than the peaks, you have to sort through what this means to the samsaric self, and how it can be applied here and now.

Also, despite how it is portrayed in the literature, in my experience, this really marks the beginning of the journey rather than the end.

Aha, thanks E. A. and Soundwave, I felt it had to be that way Enlightment