For Beginners: Concentration of Power, Invisibility, Vampirism and Healing

In this post I will share some practical advice for harvesting power, fixing leaky auras, healing and basic vampirism.

We leak. We leak energy.

The energy we leak can easily be taken from us and used against us. You know that greasy goth/emo kid with a bad attitude and Lucifer sigil tattoo walking around like he’s hotshot vampire? That my friends, is a juicy walking target. A leaky bag of energy waiting to be preyed upon. Not by us of course. Of course. So why is this punk a target? Let me dive into this for a moment and then we’ll get on to the magick stuff.

To be clear, I don’t care how people dress. As a matter of fact, to me, dark looking individuals dressed in a dignified goth is very powerful to me. The fact that dirty greasy kid is sporting a goth look pisses me off. Also, Lucifer is a BOSS, but as a spirit equivalent or superior to the most powerful arch angel, doesn’t he deserve a bit more respect? Isn’t that kid just asking for the tattoo to be ripped from his skin? Makes my blood boil, all because the kid is leaking a kind of energy that angers me personally. We each have our tolerance levels.

Leaky Humans are Targets

Some other forms of leaking include acting like you need money, being an outwardly skank, man-whore, being emotionally needy, being overly happy, too depressed, or even on the verge of blowing up in rage. These leaks are easy to exploit. Looking like you are needing money for instance, guarantees that you won’t get what you are looking for. Employers will give you a bare minimum wage, assuming you even get the job, and you can forget about the raise. All other emotional leaks can be exploited by even the most amateur vampire. Vampires aren’t always energy leeching sorcerers. Sometimes plain old assholes are a form of vampire, just not the cool kind. To these people you are to be used and abused for fun and profit.

I’m not saying you should “become like the stone”. I’m saying, that before looking at sources of power outside of your own aura, you might consider concentrating your own power first. Also, before you try to manipulate your boss, or love interest, that you might consider plugging and harvesting your leaks first.

Concentration of Power

The feeling we are going for is simple. Look at something in your vicinity and try to pull it towards you with your mind. Really try ffs! The object probably won’t move, but the feeling should be tangible. Now take that feeling and apply it to your aura. Suck that aura in towards you and concentrate it at your center. You might find it easier to pull your aura while you are inhaling but continue to feel the pull while you are exhaling as well. Your breath is air, your aura is energy. Different things. Pull.

Once you have concentrated your energy, lessen your pulling force, but continue a subtle pulling to keep your energy focused. Feel free to imagine an orb, but please, keep the white light down to a bare minimum. There are all sorts of light, yours doesn’t have to be white. Knowing that your energy is concentrated is all that is required. I see my orb as being translucent, like glass. Looking through it like a lens, makes all the colors seem just a bit brighter, with more contrast. Get it? Do what feels natural to you.

Keep it tight! Stealth mode baby! At some point this will be effortless. Your ego isn’t leaking anymore.

Now go to that job interview and only emanate what you want to emanate! Control the situation.


Concentration of Power and maintaining a low light profile as described above is a form of invisibility. You will be less of a target from asshole vampires and may even walk about unnoticed in certain situations. The laws set forth by Consciousness eons ago make real physical invisibility quite improbable. Just saying.


First, concentrate your power as above. Pick a target and suck. Plain and simple. Great targets are large trees. Place your hand on them and pull. The Earth is also great for energy exchanges. This leads to not only ‘grounding’ but an abundant source of energy. Make contact with your hands or feet and pull!

Of course, feel free to leech off that punk I mentioned above!


Again, concentrate your power first. Preserve yourself, since a weak sorcerer makes a crap healer. Pull energy from a plentiful source then push the excess into your patient, or one of your limbs. Healing is not only physical. You may heal someone’s energy, and behaviors as well. Works wonders for rescued cats that have a difficult time adjusting to being indoors.

Trust yourself.



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Cool Info, in the last days I have been playing around with psychic vampirism and energy working. I have started to notice like a cool sensation (like breeze) in my hands or shoulders when I absorb energy , and then the sensation starts to flow to my stomach. Curiously enough I dont actively focus on this body parts, they just kind of react. Those this means I’m doing it right?
Also if I vampiryse someone what symptoms are to be noticed?


Being too depressed? That’s going a little overboard. I like what you’re saying for the most part but depression isn’t a choice and it fucking sucks. I don’t think anyone should ever target someone who is “too depressed”. If anything, help them out.

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Love the simplicity of the exercises, yet they are so powerful.

Thank you

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Oh it might be bastardly to target someone who is depressed. It also may be what they deserve. We never know. Could be the cherry atop a big layer cake of curses.

Leeching off some rando depressed person is definitely a dick move in my book, but I can’t judge what you do.

Morality and ethics may he universal concepts, but the body of moral and ethical principles a person follows is highly subjective.

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Thanks. I’m thinking about re-wording all of my beginners articles into my balg forum magnus opus, lol.

I tend to run-off with my sentences, and may come off as patronizing in some cases.

Glad you found something in the exercises that you connect with.

I guess I’m just biased because I actually suffer from depression and at times it has been crippling. The last thing I’d need was someone sucking out what’s left of me so I couldn’t function again.

I understand your point of view but compassion should be practiced by everyone, in my opinion.



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I guess that makes you totalitarian. It’s easy to believe in compassion when you come from a civilized country. No offense, but just don’t go telling people how they should live their lives. Everything has a place in this world, hate is not less important than love.

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