Food for thought

What does this phrase mean to you? I am interested in your thoughts:

“The further north that you travel the closer to south you get.”

It is not a riddle as such, more of a form of cryptic philosophy


The more you try to get away from something, the more it manifests in yourself


That is a good theory…I think what I posted has so many theories and I think whichever conclusion you draw upon can be the right one for you.

I came up with the theory of ascension (travelling further north) and deeper down the path you go (getting closer to south)

The world is round. And you can only go into to the middle of a territory, after that you’re going out.

Nothing cryptic about it.

Anyway, without a context is can of hard to pin any sort of meaning.


This is true, but like you said without a context it hard to pinpoint a meaning, however, north and south can mean something depend how you read into it and the direction doesn’t necessarily relate the the world

Well, about 99% of the people is a northener from my point of view, so the “north” is the rest of the world for me. If readed in such subjective way.

Yeah it could read like that from geographical point of view. How would you see that phrase as a philosophical statement if you were to read it as that?

According to Spinoza, soul and body are not two different things, but one and the same, studied from different perspectives. So, while you go north, to the understanding of the body, you go south, since making a dialectic with the body will give you an understanding of the soul.

There are a million possible interpretations.

I don’t know if this helps any but as soon as I read it I got the image of someone traveling around the world and ending right back in the spot they started in.
Followed by the image of a circle followed and the phrase “around in circles we traveled only to end where we once began”

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I pictured the same thing really

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Opposites, at their extremes, mirror their counterpart.

Kind of like the Taoist symbol. With in light there is a bit of dark and with in the dark there is a bit of light.

Or even possibly an explanation of the relationship between the microcosm and the macrocosm.

At least that’s my take on it…

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