Following the bread crumbs and intuition

In the early days of magick when we can’t hear spirits we are often nudged to one thing or another, following bread crumbs trying to take hints and use intuition.

“I’m feeling like I should use this thing, message that person, wear this, read that etc etc.”

I’m asking you experienced ones in hindsight how would you evaluate the percentage of times following such feelings and ideas worked out to be a form of guidance or just ones own doing and ideas? From the small things to the big things.

E.g one may say “85% of the hints I took turned out to be guidance and recommendations which proved to be so later on”

I think its a about does it have some kind of meaning, or did you bring forth something you needed. Or if symbolic things are adding up to a bigger message. The amount of time doesent really matter. Its not a statstic, if you experince a feeling before something meaningful or symbolic happens. Then okay be mindful whenever you have that feeling. Also make sure your not experinceing this feeling because of offer factors. That what your feeling is truly a product of something happening without this realm of existence

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