Focalor is in my mind

Good day! Hello guys this is my first time that i have entity speaks in me with my mind. So focalor speaks with me in my mind right now. I just wanna ask you guys. For those who experience this, what is the best thing to do when one of the goetia like focalor speaks in your mind. Like this is what happened. I used divimation to call lucifer. And after the Q.A when i will gonna sleep focalor speaks on me in my mind. He told me i opened a portal when im talking to lucifer and now hes in my mind right now. And he told me like hes here to help me in my life and with my enemies… and may i ask. If the entity is speaks in your mind is he literally inside in my body or only beside me? Thanks

Nice. He can be near you or in you. Do you hear literal voices or got channeled thoughts only?


Only my own voice. like i notice this when i wanna sleep last night at 2am. When i close my eyes reaching to fully fall asleep, this 2nd thoughts of mine bothering me. He told me he is jeremy. And then later on while im talking on him using my mind he reveal himself as focalor now i search that name in google and then thats the time hes also one of the goetia

It happened with me too. Exactly with forcalor. But I didn’t get to work with him due to personal reasons

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Wow thats cool bro…

Well they speak oft also through smells, images or words what they telepatically send

They are sending you energetic signals, they aren’t in your mind. Channeling requires consent, and frankly if you were possessed (which is mostly a myth and probably is only legit 0.0001% of the time) you wouldn’t be able to consciously process that. You’re probably just needing to get used to his energy. Meditate with him a lot and see how it goes! :green_heart:

focal percussion on a whole nother level, comin from my mind