Flower’s Journal

I’ve never had much luck when it comes to money magick. This is something I want to change. Recently, I’ve really been into making servitors and had a lot of success in having them help me with protection, provide me companionship (for example: I have a small dog I created that is around me a lot ^-^), and help me energetically. This is going to be my journal on me trying to make servitors that help bring me money for the most part (though I’ll probably talk about my other servitors too). If you have any thoughts, ideas, critiques, personal stories of using money servitors, feel free to leave them here. The more ideas I have to work with the better!

When it comes to making servitors I’ve been using Damon Brand’s method along with some other additions that I found added to the success of my servitors. Personally, I find letting them feed off of planetary and candles energy helps, while also having them feed off of my gratitude in their work.


Note: Any servitor I post about here will have it in their program to only answer to me, unless I state otherwise.

If I ever share a servitor for public use, it will be one I’ve extensively tested myself first.

I made my first money servitor at the beginning of this May. Here he is:

My concept behind him is that he finds any money around me and then brings it to me. I don’t necessarily expect a big chunk of money but rather just little amounts here and there that I might have missed out on otherwise.

Some things that happened after I created him were: I received couple hundred dollars from the IRS in my bank account (I’m still not sure what this was about because I got my tax return awhile back… so somehow they found they owed me more?) and I won team member of the month at work which gave me a gift card.


Recently I noticed Chipotle hasn’t been charging me for double steak but just regular. It’s a small thing due to miscommunication but it adds up over time. I also found money that I had lost a while ago and completely forgot about.

I would say this servitor’s influence is subtle but it’s there.


I’m going to change this to a general journal because I realized my servitor work is going to start intersecting with my work with demons and other magick. So to give my magick a fair evaluation I want to include all important aspects.