Florida Water - Knowing the diff between legit waters and bunk flower water

[quote=“Mage, post:15, topic:331”]Well, for the most part, florida water is florida water.

It can be charged as you want.

It is traditionally used to attract good spirits, like in a Misa. It is also added to water you would use to mop your house (if you have tile floors for example).

In Santeria and Ifa, I’ve rarely heard of anyone making it.

It is usually used for it’s perfume scent.

Buy it, use it with intention and you are all set. :slight_smile:

Lanman and Kemp Murray and Damn i forget lol are good and work and i been using them for over 25 years. Make it if you like make a lot it gets used up fast Lmao i probably use 3 quarters of a gallon or so a month. Kolonia 1800 is good too especial for missa espiritual for lighter sided spirits.[/quote]

Weird “coincidence” this thread getting bumped, because last night I was thinking about Florida water - I ran our of my store picked up abroad long ago, and have no idea where to get it in London.

It’s not something I have a real need for but I just kind of liked it, so, does anyone here have a good recipe for it, or any tips on making it?

I found this online here, does it seem legit?

This is a recipe that I created and involved cooking the ingredients on low either at the stove or crockpot.
5 cups of Vodka
9 cinnamon sticks
18 all-spice berries
one orange peel (preferably dried)
3 cups rose petals (fresh or dried)
3 cups Jasmine flowers (fresh to get the scent)
three bay leaves
1/2 cup dried angelica root
1 cup aromatic green herbs

Add dried ingredients and cook for about 10 minutes on low. Be careful inhaling the fumes–at this point it will be very Vodka-y. Then add fresh flowers and greens. Cook for 30-45 minutes on low/med-low or even longer. Stir occasionally and then sniff test. You want the botanicals to start outweighing the vodka in your sniff test.

Take off stove, cool, and add any essential oils you like! Bottle, spritz, and sprinkle away!