Flauros evocation


Hi y’all:
After thinking very thoroughly about it, I have decided to curse someone who has been massively toxic, cruel and ruthless with myself and my whole (mostly now dead) family. She has been cursing me and my loved ones for decades now, making us suffer, some of them eventually dying in the process, whilst vampirising us, just for her benefits.
I thought about summoning Flauros. I never have cursed anyone previously, and I haven’t had any contact with Flauros neither. I was wondering whether someone here has experience with him/can give any advise.
Also, due to my lack of experience cursing, I don’t know what I can offer to the entity in exchange of making that person die.
I am not comfortable using dead animals (I am vegan), but I am aware I need to give him a big sacrifice for him to take revenge for me.
If you don’t consider him the best for this, could you suggest any other demon please?

Thank you all for your time reading me. I wish you a lovely day.


There are several deities ans demons that provide you with such curses, however kewp in mind that if you get in contact with him he’ll destroy the target you chose. If you want to work with Flauros you can offer him spicey foods, rum, lamb, and resin incenses. You don’t have to give him all these offerings, for example rum and resin incenses will be enough.
Use red, black and gold candles. If you can engrave his sigil in gold or at least in gold, ruby or emerald color.
The best day to evoke Flauros is Saturday, on the winter solstice or on Christmas. Thesw days are those when you’ll most likely have better contact. In experience, its better to call him during the evening.


Thank you so much. Honestly. You are a star.