Fixing an obstacle arpoximately 20-30 years from now (roughly around 80-120 years from now, in my own timeline)

This video pretty much currently covers all details i got so far.

My son,
by then,
taking me out with one of my own potions.

All input welcome.

Definitely sensed a feeling of death from there.

And as some of you know:

I’m not much a big fan of dying.

Of course,
there are signs of that not really being completely fatal.

it’s better to address the issue now,
then by then,
when it comes to fruition.

At least now i know why i did that throat healing back then.
Must have covered a part of it already.




So, you have found out that your son will try to kill you with one of your potions? By accident or intentionally? Do you know why?


It’s in the video.

He’s in love,
with someone who’s targeted,
and runs away with her.

The obstacle is him using the potion against me.

My Potions are rather strong,
and that can have devastating effects.

He utilizes the situation,
to get over a feeling of “knowing better, what’s right”,
then me.

He at that point,
thinks with a part of his heart,
that i’m evil,
for doing such things,
and wants to break free.

No problem with that so much.

I mean,
it’s actually well okay in terms of timeline,
for him to get away and start over into an own life.

But both he and me,
don’t want that to end fatal.

He surely doesn’t want to start his new life,
with having killed his own dad,
as that would quickly turn him to believe himself to be evil,
and that’s not much desirable as an outcome either.

we need a solution,
that keeps things kind of in check.

He doesn’t need to know,
by that time,
that i’m actually acting on his behalf.

For that specific change in his life,
he must be able to get away,
in a sense of having overcome “the burden”,
of being my son and bound to our household.

He’ll realize about it later.



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I see. Well, my advice is actually non magical. Perhaps emotional Intelligence could be what you need. Talk to him about it, when the time comes and sort it out like father and son. I mean, if you know the future, then the only thing you need to do, is to change the events that lead to that particular future.


yeah, but you know how it is with manifestation things.

By then,
i will have forgotten about it.

What i can - and probably have - done,
is to specifically craft a love potion for that incident,
which only slightly causes paralysis and non-consciousness.

From what i’ve seen in the video,
my athame goes out to follow them,
and protect them as they’re running away.

I therefore think,
the most curcial point,
is to make sure,
i don’t use a lethal Potion there.

It should be a mixture that also makes her submissive to him,
since it’s not the perfect state to start a solid relationship with,
for her to be hostaged right out of her bed.

I kind of sensed from the beginning,
when i watch the video,
that i’m way to conscious about the things that are going on,
for that to be a “mistake”, at all.

It would be nice,
if Nam’phi’o, could stop by and take a look,
when i’m crafting the potion,
to make sure i keep it in safe measurements,
so i don’t use to much of certain ingredients,
like for example the Amanita muscaria,
and the Conium maculatum or Cicuta virosa.

Just slightly overdosing those,
could be really dangerous,
so i’d really apriciate a reminder,
once i’m concucting the potion,
to only use small amounts of it.

That should reduce the danger by a lot.

the amount of Papaver somniferum,
needs to be in check aswell.
In combination with the other ingreadients,
it can easily stop someones life,
and as you may have seen by checking the video,
while i only use 2-4 drops of the potion,
covered in cotton to have the actual fume breathed by her,
my son poors a quater of the bottle over my face.



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Nooooo!!! You know how tricky time travel can be!! That could be the potion that kills you!! It could be altered or an ingredient gets in there by accident!! You never know

The first thing that comes to my mind is working to try to unlock chronokinesis Its a psychic ability that helps you control and manipulate time

Unlocking it is on my list of magickal goals myself

It just makes sense to me the more control you have over time the more help you can give yourself


yeah well, for me that’s not a goal.

I’m already accessing it.


None of that content would be here,
if i wasn’t successfully working on it.

i’d know if i’d really die from an action. :wink:

This is not the first time i walk this earth.

In other words,
please read it again,
and then answer to it. :blush:




What you suggested is actually a really good idea! If there’s no potion at that time that could harm you like that, that future can’t come true.

I’m no potion expert (and I don’t even know the basics there), but I think that you could manipulate some things and make that future hard to happen.

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uhm, not so sure how much the alteration can stop the string from happening over all.

My dad teached me,
once you see the picture,
it’s pretty sure to come into place aswell.

The clearer you see the picture of the future,
the more certain it comes.

You can still do slight adjustments,
but you can’t delete the complete picture,
otherwise you fuck up a lot of lifes,
not just your own.

And so far,
all 5D creatures i communed with,
agree with it.

That’s the nature of propability and time-flux.

You can alter, you can adjust,
but you can’t completely whipe out a situation,
that already became such clear.


let’s assume that would be possible,
and i could do it.

How would you suggest me to go about it?

I have a lot of time left until there,
and maybe there’s something i haven’t factored in yet.

@anon2593031 please expand on your suggestion.



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Couldn’t you just make a pact to ensure it never crosses his mind or so that he doesn’t find out what you do?

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Thank you for letting me know.

Much apriciated.



Interesting point.

Binding a member of my own Bloodline by a pact…

Not really an attractive solution.

Could derail with him being overly scared of me,
but incapable of expressing it,
and therefore biting everything down,
and suffering internally,
becoming depressed from it,
and feeling like being kept in a cage.

Apart from that,
the Son we’re talking about,
is either not born yet,
or being formed as my next vessel.

Not a good option,
to bind a pact on him without understanding his character and sensations better.

But i’ll like to explore that option a little further.

Maybe i can find out more about him,
and whether such an adjustment would suit the case.

Thank you for your contribution,



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Reminds me… of Star Wars tbh. To avoid becoming something devastating… akakin becomes something devastating…

Just be sure. You choose your actions well so that they don’t lead to the exact thing your trying to avoid.


Well, in case you can change a few events, that won’t happen, right? For example, you said that your son will do that for a woman. I guess if he never meets her… or if you never disagree about her…

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To be fair,
that’s probably why I had such an urge to disagree to your viewpoint.
Real-time alteration is a little different than that.

there’s a part of me living outside of time entirely,
which does see such effects.

If it goes that way,
there’s a good reason for why it’s supposed to go that way.

I’ve shared a good deal of those pieces of information,
that lied dormant between the worlds when I answered Manosman. :wink:

So, yes, i do apriciate helpful suggestions.

But film-based suggestions,
sorry for that,
but I have to take those with a grain of salt.

Good point.

I wasn’t shown us disagreeing about her,
more that he was supposed to understand it that way.

He’ll have to think that i dislike her,
for him to actually leave and go into his own life with her.

The option of them never meeting is kind of interesting.

a muffling spell could help there.


So much input so quickly.

Gotta talk to my Godself about it.

Oh and in regards of “becoming something devastating”,
i’ve shed blood,
and i’ve tortured.
I have also killed.

Not really a concern of mine,
of “becoming” anything i don’t already am. :wink:




I mean, even if something happens and he meets her, then if you actively show him that you like her and you give your blessing.

However, not meeting her in the first place, or meeting and loving another woman, without caring for the one in your vision, is also a great way. However, that plan could end up failing if not done correctly.

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You should check it out with your godform and perhaps some energies?
Do your thing! However, no matter what, you won’t be dying, not on my watch! :grin:

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Indeed, all these points are perfectly reasonable and making sense.

And my senses tell me that this might be a good alternative solution.

I’ll definitely get back to you,
when i had a conversation about it with O’Beryon.

yeah, thanks for that confirmation.
It’s kind of calming,
to have a more firm understanding of the safety part. :blush:

oh, i wish i had more time to focus on this right now.

But i’m already late on other endeavors,
and i’ve been given a good stretch of time,
so i can comfortably schedule it with my normal stuff.


It just is so enthralling to know I can’t complete that work right now. xD

(well, now and for several years, since the actual manifestation is definitely in a different stage of my incarnation.)



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It is indeed.

True XD You only have 30 years to take care of it XDD.