Five Free Readings (Quareia Magician's Deck)

The deck is this one:

First come first serve basis, PM your question or if you’re comfortable with posting it on the thread feel free to. Also PM me if you would like a specific spread done, or if you would like a “specialty” spread of my own design, which would vary based on your question.

NOTE: You will receive a reading only if you post here first, and then send me a PM or post your question. If you are curious about my custom spreads, I will give you an overview of the ones that are relevant to your question. If there is demand for them, I will publicly release some.

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I would be down for a reading.

i would like to have a reading,ty Velotak.

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Count me down for one too!

I would like to have reading

I would love one.

I would love one, if you can spare it.

I would like to hear what you think of the cards…I have had them for a few months…
If you are inclined…your custom spread as to location/job/focus the next 12 months?

I’ll give one to all of you, gvg send me your question.

@blackcashmere- To be quite honest, I’ve connected well with these cards. They’ve been more useful in actual magic than other sets of cards, and I have successfully used them as gateways for both soul travel and evocation.

They’ve definitely got a “kick” to them, in that they are some of the most accurate cards I’ve ever handled. They feel precise, they feel strong, have you had such an experience?

As for my spread in that case scenario, I do a summary card for each month and interpret it in the lens of the question’s subject.

i;d like a reading done, seems interesting cause i’ve never had one done for me

Received my reading from Velotak. Amazingly insightful and confirmed the rune reading I recently received from Mider, with some more depth on my question.

Very well done, my friend!

Thank you!


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Received my reading too. Amazed by his skills. I had a particular issue I didn’t wrote him about (a very specific one) and he nailed it. He also gave me an advise, which is always nice.

Very well done. Thanks!

Precise reading, i liked.

Thank you, Velotak!

Can you, please, do a reading for me? I’m interested in how my new careerpath will develope.

Thanks for the reading ! :slight_smile:
Very in depth. Thanks again for the advice ! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reading and your advice. You have a real talent for divination. I find your reading very accurate and valuable information, so thank you. I appreciate it.

can you give me one reading?This is so kind of you to give free readings to so many people :slight_smile: