Fishbowl for use as medium?

I am thinking of using a fishbowl or some type of see-through glass device, for use of a DIY censor inside the triangle. Meaning that flipped upside down the fishbowl, and on top of the censor where the copal, and insense is burning, the device will capture the smoke inside before the operator.

Is this an effective way of creating a medium of manifestation? In my mind it will work quite well and the physical manifestations should not only appear quickly but in “HD” quality:)

I am starting to think of these types of devices having read up on some alchemical devices for use by operator such as a “fluid condensor” thoughts? And do you think there are many more types of devices that can be made for use by the operator

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I had this idea where some people have a kind of glass cabinet which fills with smoke, and then beings mnifest within that, and use a version of the “devil’s toybox” (box lined with mirrors & miked up) for audio. It showed up in a couple of dreams as well.

What you’re describing seems similar, and I see no reason nto to try it and see how it works? :slight_smile:

By the way, please take a minute to post an introduction here - it’s one of the Rules of this forum, many thanks!

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ok I posted, and thanks I’ll look it up, I knew it might be a good idea :slight_smile: