First times with Fotamecus, chaos magick, mixed results

So recently I tried doing a simple ritual to use Fotamecus (a time-warping godform servitor). The ritual was pretty neat and very easy once I paraphrased the instructions for my own use. Yesterday I did the ritual with the intent of slowing time down, and today I did it with the intent of speeding it up.

Immediately upon finishing the ritual I performed yesterday, I felt a sudden and indescribable strange feeling come over me (it wasn’t a bad feeling, just strange) which I assume means I tapped into the servitor. My goal in slowing time down was to make the evening last longer, and I have to say, it did feel way less rushed.

I have a little experience with servitors, I made one of my own last year designed to be a teacher of the mystic, never did all that much with it, and I disolved him earlier this year. (It told me something that I thought was wise advice, and it turned out to just be a joke it was making up). Needless to say I had never done anything with a godform or egregore before I tried using Fotamecus.

The results I got when I did the ritual today were pretty much a fluke. I did it as my bus departed to try to speed up the ride home. I asked my friend how long his ride was normally on this route and he said half an hour which was exactly the time it took. :confused:

Overall, despite having studied the occult for several years, I don’t have that much under my belt in terms of experience, but I think working with the great community of people on this forum will quickly rectify that.

I have some pretty innovative ideas for group-servitors we on the forum could make together, (in all honesty I believe combining our abilities to make collective servitors we can all use is probably the best way to make them) I’ll create some topics about that. Just keep an eye on @Rayne and you’ll see one soon.

Oh! If anyone is interested in trying the ritual I used, here is the link:

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