First time trying to evoke sallos

So today was the day I chose to try to Duke Sallas.

I concentrated on his sigil and I kept picturing the outcome of what I was asking for in my head it was more like a slideshow of pictures and clips of different things about what I wanted. I then chanted is in four maybe five minutes close my eyes and focused on chanting I also had a picture representing what I wanted on the floor next to the sigil. I also had a green candle and Sandalwood incense burning. Now I really don’t know if I was successful or not, because this was my first time doing it. But when I couldn’t get anything coming in telepathically and I couldn’t see anything I made a pendulum with just a ring of mine on a piece of string and I held it over top of the sigil and I asked yes or no questions. Has anyone else done that in there first-time experience? Or were they more successful and could definitely see results and feel energy better than I did