First time Satan working!

So I just finished my first working with Satan and its like wow, I can still feel his cooling presence! I took the sigil and enn and started gazing and reciting. I requested his assistance in awakening dormant thaumaturgical capabilities within me. As I started getting in the zone, all of a sudden my hands feel cold and so do my legs and knees! I can still feel his chill as I am writing this. As an offering I told him I would help promote him publicly (amongst some of my friends and through a very simple summoning guide I wrote for him, so that other first timers can find him faster.)

Ave Satanis!

Here is the sigil I used, and I’ll be posting my simplified sigil summoning guide to the “Share your incantations” thread soon.



Where from is this sigil?

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Nice, i would like to know how does he behaved and looked to you . Also , you also got cold ?

Would love to see that summoning.

Sorry to mention this, but despite several summonings of Satan, we stopped working together due to the fact our energies didn’t mix very well. I had a whole thread where I talked about this. Just to clear that up. :slight_smile: