First time in a very long time... Remembrance issues

does anyone have any good recommendations/threads of who you should contact for your first time evoking? Or maybe a better curated list of who can and will help with what?

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Also easiest method

What are you’re interested at? What are you attracted to? Any pantheon, any deity, any entity that you feel closer to? There’s no guide of who you should evoke first or second. Other people evoke first a demon, others a god(dess), others some fae, others some angel and so on. It’s up to you.

Easiest method is by gazing the sigil until it flashes.

For some reason Azhreal keeps coming up

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Seems Azrael is reaching out to several people lately. It’s amusing, its like they go with seasons and who’s turn is to reach out to get more pupils.
Go for it then, you could maybe get some ideas from here

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Ok how do I create a sigil

You can use vk jehannum sigil and rite for azrael. Or many witches make custom rites. I’m thinking of getting a custom invocation of agiel from him

This is Azrael’s

as for how to make one, in general, you can use the magnifying glass top right for search

Thank you, you have been ever so helpful

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