Summoning the Archangel of death Azrael - Help please

Hello! I come seeking an explaination into how to summon Azrael as im unsure were im messing up. I was trying to follow @Alexander12 's Method,

Well I found a rather strange way to call him. Well I was browsing through some rites and I just stumbled upon one of my old research archives that had the title
“Rite of Choronzon” so I went through my notes and kept reading until something stroke me, I could modify this ritual for Azrael. I was sure - I dont know how - but I was certain it would work. So at the time one of my aprentice’s asked me about Death entities and I suggested Azrael. He wanted a ritual so I provided my rite and warn him that he would become my guiney pig because at the time I was busy that particular month so I couldnt do it. Anyway I gave him the instructions with my modifications. The thing is that the aformentioned “apprentice” he does not follow my instructions in almost anything and when he fails because of that he is a crybaby anyway. Within the next 4 hours he called me terrified and excited. He did the rite but he did not follow my procedures and proper etiquette to speak to this entity. I had provided him with a Universal circle and he called him there plus using E.A Koettings Alash tad alash incantation. Well he described to me that a heavy presence where at first in the room and he was feeling powerless and he felt drained of energy. Then he heard him. He said What do you want mortal and why you call me. Thjats where he did the mistake. He is extremely arrogant so he spke to him very offensively and tried to use a spirit binding trap to force him to tell him something. He told me he immideatelly choked! He was feeling a bing palm choking him and he felt the immense power he was holding. When he released him he fell down on the floor.

After that I told him that it was rude to speak to such entity with no respect. He insisted to call him again. I told him that it was dangerous as not to piss him off but I gave him again perfect instructions. The 2nd time he came again with the same power and energy that filled everything with death. He told me that when the Azrael arrived every dog in his neighborhood was barking like mad. The 2nd time he spoke properly and he asked that when the time upon his death comes to make him just a dead spirit and not let him pass on. He laughed and told him that he would require 1000 souls for that but he was just playing with him. When he continued to ask he asked for 1.000.000 trapoped souls and that if he do that he maybe will consider to do it. He was not satisfied with that and then he did it again! He thought he could manipulate him. That momment he fell in the floor and had extreme spasms. Azrael then upon his depart said to him that if he calls him again he will defenitely kill him for his arrogance.

Im extremely sorry if this is the wrong place to put this. I cant seem to PM as a new user or i would ask Directly.


my turn for this i see :joy:

leave an introduction here

also from what you’re describing it seems the method works, it’s just the attitude of your friend that’s the issue


Im sorry. Thank you. And this was a copy and paste from alexander’s method. The method seems solid but i cannot understand exactly how to execute it. (Agreed however that said friend was arrogant in summoning Azrael.)

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it seems like the method described is EA’s evocation layout, which i believe this link should help you get some clarification.

i’m not sure if @Alexander12 specified anything else so if you want just wait a bit, but the link is definitely worth a read through regardless :slight_smile:


I very much appreciate the help. :slight_smile: Any other suggested reads?

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for now, browse the forum and see what stands out, :slight_smile:
here’s a link to archieved news letters as well

as for books, you’ll stumble upon starting books based on what current jumps out at you. honestly following this path means you’ll constantly have a to-read list that will just never be caught up :joy:


Sorry about my late reply but as @boredomekill5 mentioned You are probably better to use E.A’s method since its faster and reliable in terms to what I did. You can create the sigil of Azrael using a lament (Rosicross for example) or with a Saturnian magic square and proceed with the method that he describes.

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Thank you!

WOW :open_mouth:
Intense… that was.
How is everything now?

@Savato Firstly I think your friend is being an idiot and to disrespect Azrael Angel of Death is a huge, huge, huge mistake imho. What @Alexander12 has said above is wise advise about using Saturnian Magick etc.

Why on earth did your apprentice not only make one mistake by disrespecting Azrael and then go and do it again? Why has he got a death wish or something?
Also to be honest you should take some responsibility for what he’s doing? After all u said yourself that he was your guineapig right. So really you do l owe your apprentice some help. Even though he made such incredibly arrogant mistakes himself. He obviously has no idea how powerful all of these powerful immortal beings are? If so u should be training him Magick 101 not something like evoking Azrael just yet as obviously he’s not ready for it.

I’ve never needed to invoke or evoke Azrael in my life but have literally experienced him in my own near death experiences and more within my own Necromantic practice as well on very rare occasions. If he wants to work with the disincarnate/spirits or shades of the dead? There are far easier and less dangerous ways to do so.

Your apprentice sounds quite foolish and immature to me, if he isn’t prepared to even do a ritual properly, he shouldn’t be doing it at all such as invoking or evoking such an incredible being as Azrael. He may end up getting really hurt or even die next time. I find your post really disturbing and apart from many other things Im an empath, so I can feel the fear of your apprentice through your words but I can also feel the wrath of Azrael towards him. That in itself is dangerous.

I’ve got a special relationship with Azrael because I’ve come so close to dying in my life due to illness and accidents when I was much younger. Azrael was with me recently in the ICU earlier this year after a big complicated surgery which at the time was scary enough. But Azrael appears to me anyhow as the most beautifull being with incredibly large wings that can wrap,around your entire body and his. I felt him lift my spirit up with him.

Then after lifting me up so high he brought me back down again so carefully. Then sat beside me and said to me: “You will be ok. You are an incredibly strong woman that has so much life to live yet”! He’s been right so far as it nearly 2 months since those nightmare like days in ICU. I also had a NDE a few years ago where I was actually dead for just over a minute but thankfully I was revived. But my NDE experience was so wonderful that words describe it inadequately. I wrote about it on one of my blogs years ago. It’s too much to write on here ATM.

So yeah Azrael has been part of my life long before I started checking out the LHP as well as the RHP of msgick that I’ve known for many years. In the end I see Magick as just that Magick. No LHP or RHP just shades of grey. Pardon the pun. Lol, Anyways that’s enough about me and Azrael because this post is about your apprentice putting himself in a dangerous position right!

He really is playing with Fire and you should tell him so! If he’s not prepared to read, study, learn from you and then go and practice Magick properly? He will certainly to use an obvious analogy “Get his fingers burnt in more ways than any of us can know”? He really doesn’t want to be “pissing him off” Azrael that’s for sure!

Nobody should ever disrespect beings such as Azrael and others just because they can’t he can’t be bothered doing it properly means that he may not be the appropriate apprentice that is good for your own practice either? Just food for thought for you my magickal friend.

I’m not trying to knock him as I don’t even know him but just a friendly warning to somebody whom is treating their own spirituality and Magick with disrespect won’t end well for him in any way that’s for sure. That’s not just my opinion…it’s a well known fact to all witches, sorcerers, shamans and magickians.

Sorry this is a late reply to your topic btw. However I haven’t had time to participate on the BALG Forum unfortunately for awhile now which I will write about later sometime. But for now this is the first topic that just “stood out to me”.

As I believe in “synchronicity” not just coincidence…I felt called to answer your question. Which to me, means that I should add my knowledge to what you’ve been told above by other wise ones here on the BALG Forum. But seriously I’m afraid for your apprentice. I’m guessing he’s young, eager and wants to be a bad ass Magickian evoking anyone likeAzrael as he pleases.

No, no a thousand times no because he may end up paying with his life. Azrael has much compassion and much to teach us when the setting and the time is right. I realise the appeal of wanting to evoke him but just think of what Azrael does for humans all of the time? There’s your answer that he doesn’t like being disturbed for trivial matters unless it’s a life or death situation.

Yes I am a real necromancer…no I’m not kidding! It’s a huge part of my life and a very important part of my own magickal practice apart from various divination practises. I’m lucky enough to live close by to a cemetery with even our earliest settlers buried there. Which is open night and day which is incredible and I’ve never had a night ritual of necromancy ever interrupted by anybody whom is not invited by me.

My point in telling you all of this is that one doesn’t need to invoke or evoke Azrael to communicate with the dead. If that’s what he (your apprentice) is wanting to end up doing? Or does he just want to summon Azrael via evocation or invocation for divination or what?

Just a word of warning Azrael is the Archangel of Death. That fact alone should make your friend/apprentice realise that he’s not a being to be trifled with. I sincerely hope that all is well with him now or very soon at least? People have died or go insane then die a horrible slow death by making big mistakes like that.

If it’s necromancy that your apprentice wants to practice? Once he’s done a bit more study, learning and practice and doesn’t approach the dead with disrespect either because they don’t enjoy people invoking or evoking them by somebody without respect or understanding.

Again if it’s necromancy he wants to learn? You certainly don’t need to disturb Azrael in anyway. It would be best if you could accompany him for both psychological and spiritual support,

For instance: Just walk to a quiet cemetery when nobody else is around or if you can do so at night even better (if possible in your location)? Walk around after paying your respects and always remember to give 3 pennies to the gatekeeper. No matter what your belief system there is always a spirit that you may envision as the grim reaper or Baron Samedi etc etc. But always remember he is there and is like a Watcher of the “Necropolis” City of the Dead.

Then just just walk around quietly until you feel some kind of a connection to a certain grave whether the person died 10 years ago or 110 years ago. Then just sit quietly by the grave that somehow psychically calls out to you or him?

The easiest way to explain it is to just connect via meditation in its deepest state “theta” to the death current (this is something that one should really practice and do successfully in your own ritual room first). Then after riding the death current for awhile in a cemetery can sometimes be immensely powerful and usually you will feel incredibly cold even on a “hot night”. Then really connect using your third eye along with all your own unique inborn ways and/or learnt and practiced techniques to truly communicate with the deceased in the grave that’s right in front of you that you have picked out.

Always ask the disincarnate with much respect if they want to communicate and/or work with you? They usually talk to you telepathically. If it helps you it’s fine to use a pendulum, dowsing rods or an empowered large Quartz, obsidian, amethyst, citrine or garnet or whichever crystal you use for scrying if any.? Amongst many other things depending on your individual practice? As I don’t know you or your apprentice yet? Please accept my apologies if I’m telling you things that you already know. I’m just trying to help you and your apprentice that’s all.

I always need to open my third eye first, Maybe that’s just me as it sees them well before my real eyes do, I always treat them gently and with love. You may then feel them, or sense them and/or occasionally they will allow you to see them too even if it’s just in the incense smoke that your burning upon their grave. I always find frankincense the best or frankincense and myrrh combined together is great too. As well as various Necromantic blends that are offered online such as THE LUCIFERIAN APOTHICA which I think is run by Michael W. Ford. Their stuff smells great though!

Always treat all the spirits that you ever work with lots of thanks for spending time with you once your nearly finished working with them. Then if it’s been a really successful encounter and You and the spirit really get along and work well. Then you can ask him or her whether they would be happy to work with you again sometime? They usually always say yes after a successful encounter.

Then with much true mutual respect (it has to be real. Don’t ever be False ever because they can read our thoughts remember. Then at least give them a few offerings afterwards for all their communication and help, Just as you would to any friend that you may visit. Spirits usually love things that remind them of being alive. It can be a few pennies, shells, flowers, chocolates, money or hell money, alcohol or tobacco etc.If any of the above feel wrong don’t offer it,

Just think of something else? Spirits also are attracted to water and I nearly forgot to mentiom take them a very large glass, jar or container of water that you can put out on their grave in the beginning, water is also great for scrying especially in the moonlight or beside a candle on the grave which aids spirit communication. Of course lots of bubbles and movement in water is just like seeing orbs. It means the spirit is really being active and with you.

If you knew the person in life? That’s even better because then you know what they will like for offerings of course. They really don’t ask much from us. It is we the living that usually “expect so much from them”. Always be grateful and thank them, wish them well and say goodbye to them. Then after tidying up and leaving any offerings just walk away and don’t look back at their grave at all.

I truly wish you and your apprentice all the best! I really do hope that even some of this helps him with his dilemma in someway? Especially if Necromancy was his aim? Or was it more about Azrael himself? As obviously that’s harder to deal with.

Maybe by giving Azrael all kinds of offerings for at least one lunar month… it could be all sorts from an angel statue, pictures and flowers dedicated to him on a separate small altar somewhere in his ritual room if he has one or somewhere around the house,

Also one of the world’s most famous people when it comes to knowing all about Azrael Archangel of Death is Leilah Wendell from the US, she has written a few books on Azrael and even had a beautiful, temple that they owned dedicated to Azrael open to the public. With a full size real skeleton dressed beautifully as Azrael with icons all over their quite gothic style home and temple dedicated to him. I can’t remember their website name but know the temple closed years ago due to a natural tragedy.

Just Google her name: Leilah Wendell She writes so poetically and with such love about Azrael. She has even slept in mausoleums and coffins with the deceased as skeletons to become closer to Azrael. I’m not saying that I’d do what she has done. But she is obviously seriously into Azrael more than anyone on the entire planet. You may not have heard of her if your young? But years ago she did some TV interviews and heaps of radio interviews where horrible people tried to make her sound like a necrophiliac which she is not. Huge difference there that’s for sure.

She even wrote me a few emails just a few years ago when I was asking her about Azrael and my NDE experience with him, she told me that he can be very loving and full of compassion. On his otherside though he can be full or rage especially injustice. He also doesn’t suffer fools gladly. I have a feeling that he doesn’t like to be evoked for nothing apart from life and death experiences. He’s an immensely old being obviously that predates humans by millennia, how long I don’t really know? But he’s not one for being invoked just for someone to do in their spare time. He usually has time for people suffering either true death, near death or the terminally ill to help them pass over into the next life with ease rather than suffering. You may or may not agree with me. But I’m sharing my knowledge of Azrael that perhaps some on here aren’t aware of? Including your apprentice.

Azrael is incredibly compassionate because he hates to see people dying all of the time. Yet he has done so for Millenia. Leilah Wendell is well worth looking up. She wrote the original “Necromantic Sacraments” in a beautiful gothic album as well a long time ago now. She used to sell beautiful figurines of Azrael that far too many idiots use as Santa Muerte. Talk about a disaster waiting to happen.

I learnt so much from her webpage about Azrael over 10 years ago back when a lot of the new age of occultists were still kids. I don’t mean E.A.K. but certain others around the place that think that they know it all.

None of us do until it’s our turn to become one of the dead ourselves. Only then will our souls truly be free to dance overlooking the sunset of millennia.

I really hope that your apprentice is doing ok? Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you?

If you want to,know more about me and that’s fair enough, I’ve written an extensive profile on my profile page which gives u more of an idea of where I’m coming from. I realise now that I should’ve checked your profile first before replying. lol I’ve forgotten all the BALG Forum protocols as it’s been quite a few months now.

Anyways all the best to you both with your apprentice’s dilemma. I’m sure that if he approaches him the right way without demands, he will be just fine. Why all the demands anyhow? I think Azrael has more than enough to do already don’t you reckon.


Boy oh boy what a read! xD I appreciate your response to this topic as well your advice and kindness. I will be brief. I tried to help him afterwards but things escalated beyond my imagination. Long story short, he abandon any discipline that he had and was enraged against Azrael and me.

He went mad quite literally. In the end I had to force this madness to end and I distanced myself as he became quite dangerous mentally and physically. Atm, I know that he is a little bit better but the psychotic behaviour continues from time to time. In the end its for the best that we separated since he was only interested into walking towards his own demise.


Azrael is just and kind. But he must be taken seriously and given the greatest respect. Your post is excellent.


@Alexander12 Sounds very sad and quite tragic what happening to him but unfortunately he brought it all on himself. However I agree your doing the right thing by distancing from him. As looking after and/or your family is the most important thing for you to do.

Especially as sometimes negative spiritual experiences have a way of spreading almost the same as a pathological virus from one person to another. However as you sound like you understand occult matters quite well you need to protect yourself first and foremost.

I do feel sorry for this man but it sounds like he’s bent on self destruction. How dreadfully tragic IMHO. I just hope for his sake that no type of low life demon type of negative entitity has latched it itself upon him in anyway? As madness if often the end result which we all know that no Dr. can cure!

I do hope that your friend/exapprentice gets better. As you write in saying that it could send him mad and yes it really could do? His temperament sounds far too impulsive for invoking or evoking anything at all. Not now or any time ever!

One needs to understand what they are about to do long before they actually do it. Witchcraft 101 IMHO. As then one has a far better chance of their working actually being successful.

I do feel really sorry for him but he did do such a foolish thing. However calling on Azrael or any other being for that matter is no joke! I hope that he gets far more stable in general asap.

I also hope that your doing ok and that nothing that he has done affects you in any way. However I get the feeling that you know what your doing which is really great for your own safety.

Dark Blessings,



Thanks for your reply and time writing this. I am trying my best to survive :wink:

If I may ask, why was he being disrespectful? What was he hoping to accomplish by doing so?

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What’s wrong with you? What’s been happening? Are u in trouble?


Thanks for caring sister. Well, I do not think its related to Azrael, but since the age of 11 that I got diabetes, I had additional problems out of the blue. I don’t wanna drag this post but I’ll say this, medically speaking, I have died at least 4 times. One of them I woke up 10 minutes before they could take me to the fridge. I always seem to come back. Plus too many accidents. I do believe my interactions with the occult and spiritualism in general are the cause of many weird things in my life. For now lets say that I seem to be healthy but I am not actually or medically XD


Thank you @anon628574 for your teaching and kindness here!

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I am not sure, he thought that he was some kind of All - Powerful magician and that no spirit was stronger than him. I believe there was some psychosis and mental health issues in the end. Well I learned that he works now so I guess he must be fine to some extent.

This is a great thread. @Alexander12, I hope all is well now. As a devotee of La Santisima Muerte, I have always wondered about the difference between her and Azrael. Can anyone shed light on this. To me, their presences feel very different. Azrael is an incredible entity, definitely a male and definitely angelic. Santisima feels to me very female and not like an angel, she says she simply “is death,” i.e. a force. Would love to hear anyone’s thoughts / experiences.