First time i heard King Paimon

Yesterday I evoked King Paimon, I was just gazing at the candle trying to get the maximum point of relaxation and repeating his enn when I suddenly felt a very strong energy on my back, so I asked him his help to manipulate my parents and with my university, also I told him that I wanted to hear him for the first time so I ask him if he heard me in that moment he would appear in a dream, well then I went to sleep and i had a dream I just can remember that dream where I was at the bathroom and I was sitting on the floor gazing the candle and then I heard a roar I was surprised but I heard his voice!!! I can’t remember what he told me exactly but i just can remember this question that i asked him How long does it takes you to complete a task? And he answered “It depends on the task you ask” I can’t remember all the dream but I have the idea of the conversation, however i heard him and I am so happy to know his voice and his energy, I wrote this because I offered him publicity.
For me it’s the first time that I hear him it was amazing when i woke up and remembered his roar at the beginning it was just like i read a month ago.
What do you think?
Now i want to hear him when I want and not in my dreams trying to get the TGS.


thats great man, you definitely made a connection! Remember though…what matters most is not the phenomena that occurs, but getting the end result you desire. So wait and see if he delivers before giving your full praise


Congrats, I wish you to have great results from your work with King Paimon!