First time evoking - question and dream

Hello all,

So, last night I attempted to evoke King Paimon. This was my first major evocation of this kind. I feel like it went pretty well. I felt a definite energy in my room, my candles were flickering like mad and there were various clicks and knocks all around. I felt a presence although I didn’t see anything.

I tried to communicate and here comes my first question. If I get answers to my questions, how do I know that it’s not just my own mind answering itself? How do I differentiate? The reason I ask is that I’m sure I had a mix of the two here and I don’t know how to truly tell them apart.

Anyway, towards the end he told me very clearly to go to bed and dream. So I did. Cue several nightmares in which skinless dolphins erupt from my friend’s stomachs while I try to hit them with knives…

My second question is, why would King Paimon send me nightmares? And does the image of skinless dolphins mean anything to anyone, perchance?

Anyway, this was a very clear and tangible experience for me and I feel I’m on the way. But even so, any answers or advice would be appreciated.

Thanks and Hail King Paimon!

It may be easier for you to recognize the spirit’s “voice” by beginning with a practice where (for example) you inhale-pause-exhale-pause 30 times then clear the mind with a mental image such as a big sea, fire or the sky.

Concerning dreams, I don’t rely on those. Mine have always been bad or off enough that I wouldn’t trust it’s a message. Someone else can field that portion.

At first, you won’t. It can take some time.

Sometimes, it’s how they speak to you. In time, they may choose to use your speech patterns, but this would be obvious by then. Other times, you’ll feel a sort of “slip” or “switch” with words or phrases and you’ll recognize that you’re inserting your word(s) into the conversation. Unfortunately, that will also take some time and experience.

There’s no shame in holding the same topic multiple times, especially if the entity knows you’re still working these things out. Anyone worth working with (and that wants to work with you) should allow for that.

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