First time evoking Belial success

Last night I did an evocation of Belial, and think it was a success considering it is my first evocation.
I chanted Belial enn over and over up until the air in my room thickens and as I was meditating i could sense same energies around me and I could see shadows across the room too, and I asked Belial to touch me during my meditation and I felt his hand touch me, it was great I am excited it’s a great start.


So two days ago I went to my local graveyard, when I got to the graveyard I burned dragons blood incense and traced a circle on the ground, lit two black candles, two red candles and one white candle I took from somebody’s grave, then started to recite Belial’s enn the one used by Ea koetting, as I was reciting the enn I saw a dark shadow maybe 12 feet away from me standing there just watching me and the wind was so violent, the energy was strong but some how I got uncomfortable and dismissed the whole rite.
I’m just not sure if the dark shadow was Belial or something else.

Last night I did another evocation of Belial in my room, during the evocation all the candle flames where dancing like crazy then I began to meditate, and as I was meditating i could feel Belial but could not see him and I asked him to show himself to me, then I heard a voice in my head say “I’ll show myself to you when the time is right”, then I continued meditating till I dismissed the rite.

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