First time contacting Bune January 27 2020

I called myself envoking bune before I started the evocative I said a prayer for first time conjurer’s. Followed by the prayer I said bunes Enn. I didn’t feel a presence I did have candles and a few Delectables I felt I should have on hand as I wanted to treat bune as a guest since it was my first time conjuring the entity. I hope that my request was heard ad I am a single parent and in desperate need of funds for my family. I’m going to say thank you to bune in any case the entity was present. I will follow with an update as to how things go in the future regarding results.Thank you bune.


Well my contact with bune was a success I wanted to win money on some scratch offs. So about 2 days ago I summon the demon because I was in dire straights and today I won on the scratch offs. I know it had to have been the demon bune that did this and I’m a true believer that this demon heard my plea. I will now continue to do offerings to the demon as I feel that the demon is very deserving of a thank you offering. Hail bune! Thank you so very much for the start of granting my request.:hugs:


Ever since I contacted bune I’ve been winning on scratch offs it hasn’t been the big one but ive been winning. It started off with small amounts then it just keeps going up. Everyday I do give an offering of whatever I have on hand and say bunes Enn for a few minutes. I’m not sure I it’s bune that’s allowing me to constantly win on these scratch offs but I make a offering I any case bune is helping me with my request.Hail bune🤗.


I’ve been in a really tuff spot and yesterday after envoking bune again this morning I received 1500 dollars that I desperately needed. I give bune daily a offering of what ever it maybe that I have on hand in my home and sometimes I’m not sure if I’m getting heard but after speaking with bune yesterday I did receive 1500 dollars this morning and I’m more than excited. Thanks bune for everything really thanks bune.:pray:


Thanks for the assurance

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If possible is there a way to use a sigil to curse or bring death. I’ve been going through some things with a few individuals that just won’t leave my family alone these are adults that are bothering me and I’m in my 30s as well if you can help me in some way I’ll be greatfull.

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Thanks for the reply I was wondering if I can curse say with like a crossing petition and sigil and if so what is the step by step process. I want to see pain scars whatever I can see happen to the individual. If you know a simple step by step process with a sigil i can write a petition on the back of this will be helpful.

Dear dutchess Bune,
I want to say thank you for the small gifts that you had provided my family and I. I felt my need was so great it was really wearing me down. I’m really not sure if to say leave or go after I give my request so, like I say my space is your space. Why not make my space your space because talking to you is better than talking to humans sometimes. You’ll soon hear from me again to give you offerings and further my relationship with you. Seriously, thanks :hugs:

Thank you clauneck and lucifer for allowing me to win millions of dollars. I no longer have to work I have a 7 bedroom house anything I can buy without window shopping thankyou I can’t tell you how greatful I am for clauneck and lucifer I shall forever be greatful. :pray::hugs::heart:


I really love how you won it

Clauneck bune would help me too in winning lottery

What offerings did you gave to the spirits before winning million dollars

Yes but probably not with bune . I would suggest working with Belial, or perhaps sahtan for a death curse .

I didn’t have much on hand simple things such as honey parsley tobacco jack daniels and I talk to them and get to know them I did drink some of the jack daniels as I was doing my ritual also had my petition with both of there enns and that was all she wrote. I knew they were present i always do my rituals in my kitchen and I mean literally after I did the ritual my kitchen window flew open and everything just started getting heavy and it stormed hard that day once I finished the ritual as I was doing the ritual it wasn’t raining or storming but a rain so powerful came about for about 2 days and things in my kitchen was getting knocked over since the window flew open with a gust of wind and rain I enjoyed this very much.

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I appreciate the information thanks a bunch since you took the time to help me message me privately and let’s talk some lottery numbers.


Will do ill message you

Bune is wonderful. She is here for me offering help every time I ask. Hail Bune! Thanks Bune!

Duke Bune the mighty Thank you!

So you wonn millions of dollars with only some offerings and Enns…hmmm… people do some crazy horror freaky shit to win it and doesn’t give them results…
hard to believe…
And if so… enjoy the dollars :sweat_smile:


I came across allot of times IF you WIN amounts like these like you won… it uassualy takes a great loss of someone you love or is nearby you as a friend or family