First time calling upon the great Lucifer, interesting experience

This was planned for 6 months. I was very anxious and kept checking the clock. He instructed me on how to set up an altar, painting his symbol in red facing North, giving him an offering of tobacco, some vervain in a bowl, and a gold and red candle. I asked the storms around my area to empower my working. (we’ve been having all kinds of thunderstorms lately)

When I came downstairs around 9pm (it was set up where I paint, my dad’s workbench) I did my usual grounding/cleansing/circle, then he asked me to turn all the lights off. Here I am an occultist who’s afraid of the dark, how that makes any sense who knows but it’s true. He had me stand there and close my eyes and chant his name. His presence was very subtle yet very apparent in the dark. I felt a piercing feeling in my third eye. I also felt/heard his wings softly flapping. He went around me like a warm breeze. When I opened my eyes, he looked like a shadow in front of me with a sparkle to it, silvery, like moonlight.

He told me he was giving me wings to fly with, to ascend, to learn great wisdom. He will give me all kinds of success and opportunities. He also doesn’t want me to be tempted to go back to an ex spirit companion, he was toxic and would only hurt me. I should only feel tempted by other people, or by him. (Yeah, he’s kind of a flirt)

When he left and I turned the lights back on, it felt so strange. I almost felt detached from time and space. It took me about an hour and a half to feel normal again, but by then I was ready for bed.

I look forward to talking to him again.


Is lucifer a real sentient being you pray to or is he a symbol you use.

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How did you make contact with him?

oh he’s definitely real, and he doesn’t take my shit (I’m in mental health recovery)

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Telepathically. It did not take much, he’s been waiting for me to call him through into our world for at least the past 6 months. (so said Bael and others)

I am always excited to hear about newcomer’s initial experiences on the left hand path. Lucifer is an incredible being and whenever I summon him he seems to be preceded by a calm and powerful stillnesss or serenity. It’s awesome to hear someone else has a similar experience when invoking his spirit. Continue to post about your experiences :slight_smile:

However, (and I know many people might disagree with me) I encourage you to continue to pursue positive mental health services. I also struggle with a plethora of mental health issues such as depression, insomnia, and PTSD. Following the left hand path has changed my life, and though it is an incredible asset when dealing with these personal issues—— I believe there is no substitute for professional mental health services. It is through our pursuit of knowledge that we have these incredible medications and treatments today. To disregard this sort of intellectual progress we’ve made just feels blasphemous when it comes to the principles of individual liberation. Just a thought.

PS: I appreciate your support in the invocation of Lilith in a previous thread. It feels good to have someone else agree with my intuition.


I’m afraid of the dark too lol I sleep with a night lamp so funny I’m not the only one :slight_smile: it’s not that I’m afraid of any spirits it’s just that in the dark I cannot see anything and I feel vulnerable

I contacted lucifer yesterday and I felt nothing but love and warmth, he made me feel comfortable, I introduced myself and told my story I really got emotional and cried to lucifer, this usually never happened before with any god/goddess
Lucifer comforted me, I could not sense any more than that but I am sure I will


The being scared of the dark is of scared of the unknown. Honestly, if demons were so evil why would they scare us.

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Lucifer is such a great being. I love him so much. I will admit to tad bit of obsession , but he has helped me in so many ways, he’s helped my family and so many ways, and I have his infernal protection around me at all times.

He’s also sexy as all hell. Pun intended. His eyes, burning with the radiance of the Sun, can I just have three or four hours to reminisce on how beautiful he was during that one evocation?

No, okay.


How to do that?
How long does it take to do it?

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I’m the wrong person to ask because I’ve just… always been able to do it. I didn’t have to learn it, I’m just tuned into spirits.

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