First time baneful magick: thinking Voodoo doll. Recipes?

I am goning to try ny hand at baneful magick for the first time. I have a suitable candidate in mind and a Voodoo doll seems to be the appropriate chose.

So I was hoping some of you had some recipes I could give a try.

Also do I NEED a physical link and dose it need to look a lot like them? Only asking because the best things I have to make it with is natural fibers (aka felting and spinning materials.)


I am a fan of the voodoo doll. Here’s my own that has worked numerous time.


Thank you for the link.

Just bumping this. Hoping to get more input.

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Do you know their full name and birthday? That should be enough for a link.


Not knocking your doll experience I for the record I’d say go for it. But my question in the same vain as using a doll what about pictures of the intended victim? Or more precisely a picture of a picture of the intended victim. I have a name and I’m sure I can get a birthday. I have someone in mind who is pushing me to open up a can of spiritual whip ass on.


Never mind I found my answers.

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My parents are practicing Vodou

I asked them about your question, although they were hesitant about speaking about it
They say
A physical link must be established, usually hair is easiest and doll or jar must be hand made and contain certain herbs but the spirits must grant permission for doll or jar harmful work, if someone does voodoo doll and sees results without spirit permission it is either coincidence or other spirits working in favor

Good luck (:

They also say be careful with dolls as without permission their effects go back to you but worse


Name yes. DOB no.

Thank you for the info. I will keep all of that in mind.

Best to make one. Wax or fabric is best. If you have a personal link to them even better. If not, draw hair or use yarn, try to draw their features as best you can. A picture would work too. You have to " baptize" it and make it the individual. Date of birth, location etc all are helpful.


Thank you.

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Is hair really necessary I already exchanged texts and i have that printed

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V beginners can do it too right

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You dont need hair you can use many objects. One of the ways to create a poppet person through a doll is by printing out a full size picture of the person and sewing it together with fabric. Once you have found a picture or printed one out, cut around the body frame of the person in the picture and then use fabric for the back. As you begin sewing the fabric and picture together, fill the doll with stuffing. Or simply once the poppet is complete pin the image to the doll.

Maybe you don’t have a picture of the person you want to represent or you’d rather make a poppet (voodoo doll) from something associated with that person. A piece of clothing will serve this purpose. Find some yarn, string, or fabric and sew or piece together a simple doll. Then, sew the object you have to represent the person to the doll you have created.

Even if you can’t find or have an item from the person you can use your mind as a weapon when employing a voodoo doll, picture the person you would like the magic to affect and how you would like it to affect them.

Poppet magic is largely depends upon the connection between you and the voodoo spirits, or who you are worshipping, it’s important that the doll you are holding symbolizes the person who will gain evil in their life.

After you are done working with the poppet and it’s tasks are complete, dispose of the doll. This can be done by burial, burning or throwing the poppet in water or even the trash will do.

This link has some pretty good tips on making and using poppets:


Idk anything abt voodoo spirits but it involves money. I asked Lucifer and belial for help would that work.

Also I’m sort of doing this

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Wait sorry would it work

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Your ritual is up to you. Invoke a spirit you are comfortable with, that you feel will provide you all the necessary components that you are seeking.

Remember the doll or poppet is only a tool to aid in your ritual work for a prosperity casting that may work, I would include symbols that entail wealth and success and see if either deity responds with a sign that he will accede to your requests.

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