First successful invocation of Lady Lilith

I usually meditate at night due to less noise. Today, though, I started to have a sensation of tingling on my head and a desire to go meditate. I’ve been trying to listen to intuition more, so I went to my med room, lit a candle, and performed the LBRP. As I was sitting in Quarter lotus as usual and immediately felt the urge to invoke Lady Lilith (also unusual as I generally do this at night and by moon cycle). I invited her, said her Enn (though did not have her sigil out), and after a few recitations drew the DZ in the air with my hand. I felt an energy about me and welcomed her and stated I would await her guidance. I sat with eyes closed breathing in trance for a long time and felt the familiar head touches, then I felt tingles on my right should and the presence of a hand (not physically so much but the thought and tingle/vibration outline of one). I slowly reached my let hand and hovered over it and felt the sensation on both my hand and shoulder intensify a little. I went back to meditating and thought I heard the sound of water like a creek trickling and maybe words in it, but very quiet. I then opened my eyes and decided I should use my pendulum to communicate.

I thought in my mind “are you here with me Lady Lilith” and before I could say it verbally the pendulum swung in large CC circles quickly.

I thanked her again for being here with me and asked if she had tried to contact me last night in dream, as I had vibrations and pleasurable feelings in liminal, but couldn’t reach paralysis or whisper stage. I again witnessed the pendulum swing CC.

I asked if there was anything different I could of done to facilitate the meeting last night, to which the pendulum slowed to almost no movement but a small movement C.

I asked if she wished to speak with me, to which I received large CC rotation again.

I mentioned that I had felt drawn to contact her now rather then wait and asked if she still would like me to contact her on the full moon. Large fast CC rotation.

I stated the obvious that I wasn’t sure what yes/no questions to ask to help learn anything here and then asked if she would come to my dreams and speak with me there. Again large CC rotation.

I then asked is there was anything more she would like from me or that I could do and again received CC rotation medium.

I again asked if she could show me or tell me in my dreams before the full moon and received large CC rotation again.

I thanked her again and felt the energy change a little ( a lessening) and asked if I should meditate more or if she had to go. Got mixed reading and realized duh 2 questions. Asked about each separately and got 2 small rotations CC and C respectively.

I thanked her again and went back to meditation. I was ecstatic that I had received such direct communication, albeit through pendulum. Suddenly, even though I was smiling, tears started to form. I apologized for being so sentimental, that I was just really happy about this. Immediately felt a comforting vibration through my entire body. Cold, but also warm and filled with happiness? I meditated a bit longer then thanked her again and asked her to depart in peace. Left feeling lighter and energetic. Can’t wait for the dreams and more opportunities to come. Ave Lilith!