First success

As I am new to this, I tried sigil magic using the only sigil I had which is of Raphael.

I followed the instructions given by EA Koetting to charge it.

I put the newly charged sigil by my bed.

I woke up and the pain from my rheumatoid arthritis, it was nowhere to be found. Yay!



Good job on your first success. If you work at it, you will be slinging energies around and making shit happen like you’re paid to do it. Then you can get paid to do it.


Thanks! I am eager to explore this world with new eyes. I am looking at all the books/grimoires on here and want to buy them all! :slight_smile:

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Whoo hoo - fantastic - I am so happy for you! It’s amazing being pain free isn’t it even once.


Honestly, I’ve had the most success just doing whatever felt right, but then again I’m an intuitive, so books aren’t really as important in my practice besides for information on entities.

You’re right. Given that I’m new then I will try a few things as taught, as a a sort of template and find what works for me. Thank you.