First Success in magic with Raphael

Hi friends, I just want to let u all know that I achieved success in magic for the first time. I was suffering from stomach problem for almost a year. Generally I am not the type that likes to go for a check up. So I just tolerated it for months. So after coming across E. A’s work I decided to give it a try. I did three methods, 1-prayed to raphael. 2-imagined his energy filling my body. 3-evocation. I had the misconception that magic works, or I should rather say should work over night. It didn’t. But after few months I can say that not only is my illness completely gone, but I feel have the healthiest stomach right now. I came across some health tips from a ayurvedic guy and it worked like a miracle. In total I have done 4-5 ritual/magic out of which one has given unbelievable result (1st one) . One I don’t think ever will yield result. The rest I am still waiting as it is too early to say anything.

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I am happy for you

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Congratulations! I am quite happy to hear that.

Myself, I have used 4 sigils with the focused intent of healing. I started out slowly though with just the one as you have. I added another one as I felt comfortable. Four of them working together, it’s faster than just one. Raphael is among my favorite. And most times I call on him.

May your healing continue and your goals met.


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Great man, keep ascending . Did you use four different entities in a single ritual or in separate rituals. How many months/days it took to get result.

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They were four different entities within a single ritual. If it is done that way, it is important to have a single directive so that their energies do not conflict with each other.

With four of them working together, it was a matter of a couple of weeks.

It is important to develop your relationship with each of them by getting to know about them, their history and the lore of their specialties.

If I am doing a ritual with a new entity, I don’t always send with orders right away. I tell the entities I want to feel their presents for a time before I give them the go ahead. This is about developing the relationship. This is about us getting to know each other.

As you develop your relationship with each of them, they will more readily go to work for you.

As I work with the four, I make certain to keep their sigils so the gateway is open for the task which I have given them. Even if I just pick up the sigils, I can already feel them around me and they are ready to go to work.