First serious attempt at evocation. Question

Hello there.
Well I did play with spirit’s sigils many times in the past but lately I really tried to evoke one.
My intention wasn’t to evoke the spirit physically, but to feel it, and communicate in a way.

So, I drew the spirit’s sigil on a paper, my request on another paper, with a candle between them.
I meditated for about 15 minutes than tried to request the spirit’s presence.
After a while I gazed at the sigil, trying to keep the trance-like state the meditation induced.

My question is the following: Does it happen to you to feel like your body moving while gazing at a sigil ?
I was in a meditative pose. The sigil and the candle just before me. When I was gazing at the sigil I could see the bottom of my body (as I was in a lotus position) moving to the left, slowly.
It did move far away from the candle actually. But when I lost focus of the working everything was back to normal. It happened 2 or 3 times.

I’m curious if that’s common or if that usually happens to you guys ?


yeah that happens to me too like a swaying motion or like there is a current around you. that actually happens to me a lot.

Yes exactly. Does it happen to you during evocation only ? Is there a meaning behind it ??

yes only when I’m evoking someone or something and I think it is the flow of energy

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Omg. Does that mean the spirit was there when I tried to evoke him ?

indefantly. also may I ask who were you trying to evoke


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yeah that feeling is there energy

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Great, thank you for answering!
This gives me hope that I may fully feel spirits one day :stuck_out_tongue:.

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your welcome :smile:

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