First Possession and Pact

Sorry for so many topics but there’s no one in real life to share these experiences with, and this forum feels like home to me. :slight_smile:

During my consultation with E.A. yesterday, he suggested that I might be ready for possession. I was kind of surprised as I’m very new to this, but it sounded like an interesting experience to try.

I also wanted to form a pact with Lucifer, which I’ve been working on for the last week or so. So I decided to finalize my pact with Lucifer and also to let him possess me, during the same evocation :laughing:

Anyway I wrote up the pact, pulled a Tarot card to ensure he was satisfied with all the terms, and then proceeded.

My wife was a bit nervous (probably more than a bit) about the possession. I’ve mentioned she’s sort of a recovering Catholic.

Anyway the pact itself was uneventful, though I was very happy to complete it and I’m excited to see what will happen in the coming weeks and months. The only hard part was actually getting blood…it kind of made the whole experience that much more real, tested my resolve to actually go through with this. I’ve never intentionally cut myself before to get blood.

The possession itself was fascinating though.

The event itself wasn’t that overwhelming. Lucifer’s presence was definitely strong, but I guess it was just sort of a natural progression from how I’ve already worked with him if that makes sense. I chose him because I’m really comfortable with him so I knew I’d be OK. It was more like a good friend moving in, instead of leaving once they’ve visited a while.

The aftermath has been the most interesting. Keep in mind this was just last night so it’s still pretty fresh and the possession is still taking root. I agreed to continue it until Monday.

But here were some of the effects I’ve noticed so far:

I seem to have a far deeper understanding of people’s motivations. That sounds odd but it’s like I can see their true intention behind something they say. It’s like they become an open book to me.

Sometimes if someone asks me a question concerning the future, the answer just pops into my head. Of course they have yet to be validated but it’s things that I normally wouldn’t have come up with myself.

And finally I’ve been getting a much deeper sense of Lucifer’s personality—what he likes and dislikes, etc. His compassion for those working to better themselves kind of shocked me. He has no compassion though for those who just complain and don’t try to take steps to improve their life.

Just some observations so far.


You’re progressing really quickly. I’m proud of you(I know that sounds weird coming from a stranger).

About getting blood. I buy those lancets diabetics use for blood sugar tests. I’ve tried cutting but always wimp out. You’ve got more balls than I do.


Thanks :slight_smile:It does mean a lot.

Yeah sitting there with a sharp knife ready to cut is… surreal. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll definitely get some lancets.

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You just made me consider getting possessed too :open_mouth:
Your progress makes me happy really


Look at me being a positive influence :laughing:


Congratulations DarknessWalker! I liked how you said “Recovering Catholic” lol


congrats you are moving fast its fasinating to hear everyones progress


I appreciate all the support :smiley: Today is day #4 and it’s been getting stronger each day. I’m learning so much from this experience. Also my wife’s no longer nervous about it… in fact she thinks I’ve been more empathetic and lovey. No idea.


How did you proceed with the possession? I’ve been wanting to undergo that with Belial but not to sure on how to move forward with it.

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There’s an exercise describing it in Works of Darkness, which really helped.

But it’s not that hard. Essentially for me I started with a regular evocation until I felt Lucifer’s presence pretty strongly. Then I just started inviting him to enter into me. I also clarified how long I wanted it to last. I felt kind of a build-up of energy all around me, and then it just sort of whooshed into my body.

The first moment or two is uncomfortable as he settles in. Best thing I can say in that moment is to just surrender to the experience.

After a minute or two there’s just sort of a moment of peace where it’s all complete.

E.A. recommended to me also doing an invocation each morning to strengthen Lucifer’s presence in me. He doesn’t actually go anywhere but after sleeping all night, our attention is elsewhere and so that presence is a bit dormant. Each day it gets a bit stronger.

It’s pretty simple but also pretty intense for obvious reasons. I think you get out of it what you put in. Lucifer is very gentle and has never pushed further than I was comfortable with, so I’ve had to sort of lead the experience, deliberately letting him in more deeply as I was able to.


listen to your favorite music, get really into it, and surrender yourself.


My possession ended today. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had, and I was actually really saddened to let him go at the end of it.

I don’t know why this happened, but one of the most profound experiences I had during the possession was just this far deeper appreciation for my wife. She’s an amazing person and I know that, but I saw that a lot more deeply during this experience, almost like I was seeing her how Lucifer saw her. It was intense.

But the whole experience was pretty life-changing. I learned so much from him during these five days.


Congratulations on your success. Your prescience will improve as knowledge is the key to success and Lucifer is the Deity of knowledge and knowledge is power. If you work hard along the path and use your mind, meditation, and imagination you can change the world and your life to your desires.