First Kundalini Chakra Awakening Experience

So this was my first experience with the Kundalini Awakening. I’m literally typing this 30 mins after this happened.
I have been on a Spiritual Awakening journey for the last week. Ive made this lifetime that I have to be the lifetime where I awaken my spirituality. Ive been tired of living in this dogmatic, monotheistic society where people are forced to worship one God and only Him. I want to be part of a very few who are Awakened to the True Reality of what life is all about.
Ive been pondering if this was really a 'true" Kundalini awakening, so I’m going to leave it up to yall to decide.
First I started by laying down on my bed. I put on a Kundalini Awakening Youtube video that was 12000 + 10000 hz. It was an hour and 36 min long. Let me start by saying that this was not a guided meditation by any means. It was just the music and the sounds of the 12000 + 10000 hz.
Then I started visualizing my root chakra as a red glowing sphere that grew bigger every time I inhaled. Everytime I exhaled, I visualized a cloud of red dust leaving the sphere. I did this for about 5-10 mins. After that amount of time passed, I started feeling my pelvic area get hot. I kept on doing this naturally, until my kundalini “woke up” and moved up to my naval area.
This time I visualized an orange sphere growing bigger with every breath that I took, and everytime I exhaled, I visualized orange dust leaving the sphere. Again, I did this for about 5-10 mins until my Kundalini naturally moved up to my solar plexus chakra.
Again I visualized a yellow sphere growing bigger everytime I inhaled, and I visualized yellow dust leaving the sphere everytime I exhaled.
By this time I was feeling a burning heat like sensation throughout my lower body. Since I follow the Draconian Tradition and I’m a follower of Luciferianism, this heat came naturally to me.
I did the same thing for my Heart chakra. I visualized the green sphere growing bigger with each breath that I took, and green dust leaving my body everytime I exhaled. By this point, I was growing more and more sweaty. I did this for about 10 mins until my kundalini naturally moved up to my Throat chakra.
By this point, I was so relaxed that I started visualizing myself as a tiny specimen living in the universe. I started zooming outward and more outward within my inner vision that it felt like I was spinning around in empty space. I also noticed that my bed sheets started moving near my legs as if something was moving the sheets off of my legs. I want to know if yall have had any experiences like these when doing any kind of Kundalini spiritual workings.
I got to my Third Eye chakra and thats when my friend called me with an emergency so I didnt get to experience the whole chakra awakening.
I would like to know yalls experiences with Kundalini awakening and cleansing spiritual workings. If yall
have any recommendations as to what I’m doing wrong or right or what I can improve on or add, please let me know. I would really appreciate it. Also, I would like to hear yalls experiences with Kundalini Meditations. Any negative or positive experiences? I would greatly appreciate it.
Im signing off now, Namaste!!!


sounds good, it is a genuine experience. There’s many different ways to awaken the kundalini, best way is to find a female kundalini shaktipat (transmission) teacher. That usually tends to be the most magical way of all.

I’m going to save some money to find a teacher. Seems like a great way to further develop and awaken my Kundalini.

So my 2nd day of Kundalini Awakening was more eventful. I started my meditation like I did yesterday. First I started out deep breathing for 10-15 mins. When I started feeling relaxed, I focused on my Root chakra. I visualized a fire growing inside of me, starting out with my Root chakra. I kept on doing this for 10 mins, then I moved on to my Sacral chakra.

When I focused on my sacral chakra, I started feeling this sensation like I was spinning really fast on a merry go round even though I was laying still on my back.
This went on for about 5-10 mins, when I moved on to my Solar Plexus chakra.

When I got to my Solar Plexus Chakra, a new sensation arose. This time it felt like the bed was tipping over on its right side with me still on it. It felt like I was laying on the edge of my bed, on my side. The sensation again lasted for about 5-10 min.

When I got to my Heart chakra, the sensations started to dissipate. The only sensations i felt this time were feeling like my hands were misplaced on my body. Its hard to describe. It was like I knew they were in the right spots on my body, but it felt like my fingers were pointing sideways instead of straight out like they usually do.

I started feeling much more relaxed when I got to the higher chakras.
When I got to my throat chakra, I felt light. Not lightheaded, but just feeling like I was floating on air. This sensation flowed through me from all three higher chakras.

When I got to my Crown chakra, a sensation came over me like I was nothingness. This sensation felt like I was just a bunch of air molecules, just floating away in the air. I was literally nothing. I could feel nothing, smell nothing, hear nothing, and do nothing. This sensation lasted about 10 mins.

I started feeling the vibrations throughout my body when the Kundalini energy flowed downward, all the way from my Crown chakra to my Root chakra. I felt a small tingling sensation throughout my whole body, lasting only for just a second.

All in all, I would say that Day 2 was a major success in terms of feeling more sensations. Im going to keep posting this daily, kind of like a Kundalini Diary. It will be interesting to look back on these posts a month from now and reminisce on how far Ive come in my own Spiritual Journey.

Its better to be awakened in this lifetime while youre here on Earth, then to keep living asleep, not prone to the Higher potentials you can achieve when youve finally “Awoken”.

Feel free to comment yalls Kundalini experiences. Im curious to know if I need to change anything or keep my routine the same. This forum is a great place to learn from each other and we cannot grow if we dont document and share.

Until tomorrow,


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I merged your two threads as they are the exact same topic. Please try to keep your posts together instead of making separate threads every day.

What I experience the most is my body jolting, with 2 impressions about that: the first one is that this happens in the lower part, and a few times recently it also occurred above.
Second impression is that the jolts concern a surface layer; at a certain point the jerking movement stops, and that’s where I sometimes stopped what I was doing… But lately I also had “special” chills, i. e. they were somehow different from the usual ones.

I also experience my body jolting as well. Theyre usually more twitchy than outright jolty though. There tend to be a couple of twitches usually in my legs, then 10 mins will pass, and then the couple twitches will happen again.

Its also interesting to see when I come out of my meditative state, that my head will be usually jerking upwards, almost like my head is arching back even though I’m laying completely flat out on my back.
Does that tend to happen with you too?

I awakened my kundalini in 2016 and every day I have been suffering. The best part about it is the psychic/magical abilities you get from it, other wise its pain all the time. I would highly recommend walks through nature if you ever get overwhelmed, it will calm you down.

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I have done something similar. Though i image it to be white hit

No, although I do such an head movement to be in a straight posture while I meditate sitting. Still, when interrupting meditation I experience as well something, almost like being blind for half a second and then having to regain focus.

I have heard that walks through nature are the best way to calm the mind after a Kundalini Awakening. I’m gonna try that sometime.

Im gonna try to meditate sitting while doing a Kundalini Awakening. I might have completely different results if I do it that way.

that crown chakra level where the “you” disappears, is pretty much the same state the buddha was describing. Once the individual self, which is an illusion anyway, disappears, you automatically wake up to the cosmic whole, which you are. We’re basically already “god” whether we know it or not. By “god”, i mean the full cosmic consciousness.

please describe more, like what kind of suffering are you talking about?

Sitting position, I’m not gonna say it’s better, of course each one is fine but it allows for some techniques such as visualizing energy and light entering each chakra from above then below.

I feel chronic emotional pain all the time. Meds don’t work for it, nothing really works. I did some research and it’s basically karma from my past lives hitting me in this lifetime. The pain is located exactly here: