First invocation with Delepitoré

I accidentally posted it before I could finish and for some reason I can’t take the post down but I will be back in a few with the full experience.



About 8:00pm yesterday I invoked a demon for the first time and it was Delepitoré, the demoness of magick, and I used S. Connolly’s elemental circle method to make the temple suitable for her.

During the invocation I was taken to a place that only knew darkness. The floor was pitch black like an abyss and looked like it was the surface of water.

I could see Leviathan swim beneath my feet and the words “Leviathan the sea serpent” bombarded my mind until I looked away. I looked to my right and bright fiery orange eyes bore into my own and I knew it was Lucifer. Before me there was a swarm of flies tha was built like a muscular man that was about 10ft tall. Behind me Flereous stood with his arms and legs bent in odd directions like a mummy, his skin was grey and he only had a mouth.

Delepitoré appeared after I adknowledge the demons who watched me from the side lines. She wore a navy cloak and a grey bodysuit, her eyes where milky white and her hair was pulled back into a tight bun.

I stared at her for a moment because I wasn’t sure if she was real and she sternly asked what it was I wanted. I asked her if she could give me a personal sigil for her, so that communicating with her would be easier.

Aftering receiving the sigil Delepitoré grabbed my hand and pulled me into the direction of a small dome like cabin that just appeared. I don’t really remembering how we got inside but we were just suddenly inside of a very witchy like hut( something like this)

Delepitoré sat in a armchair and I stood, she grew great in size and had to lay her upper body on her knees to look me in the face. She asked “is there anything else you seek?” I told her “yes, I would like to know if you could give me an enn for you and a sigil for astral projection?” She wasted no time in giving me them and another sigil that I have no idea what it’s purpose and at the time I didn’t ask.

I said goodbye to Delepitoré and the elemental demons and closed the circle. Lucifer and Leviathan were the only two that lefted a memorable mark on their departures, so I plan to work with them both very soon.

There was more to tell and I would love to share it with you guys if your interested in hearing.


What a wonderful experience :slight_smile: