First invocation of The Great Prince Sitri

Hi Everyone,

So last time i felt a strong presence and i just knew it was The Great Prince Sitri.

I was scared to be honest and was trying to resist working with him.

But i let go of the experiences i read about and invoced him today.

I asked him for a new beautiful single slim women who would be sexual with me, but not a prostitue so no money involved, to do with her what i want before the 9th of February 2020.

I offered him a glas of wine, jack daniels whisky cola, raw beef, chocolate donut, apple, red candle and 3 drops of my blood on his sigil.

His energy is amazing and after saying my request i feel relaxed like its already happend.

I enourage you to not be biased by the negative experiences of others, but get to know his yourself.

I will keep u guys updated of my result.

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Someone just sent me a video on whatsapp and guess what!!!

Its a video of a leopard!!! And The Great Prince Sitri comes as a Leopard.

I mean this is definately a sign!! What do you guys think?


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Why would u say something like that?

I sent u a DM - Private message

After summoning, Sirti i told him, i see people saying he is creepy and a tricky.

But never the less i want to get to know him myself and i dont care about the opinions of others.

Anyone with good experiences, please comment to change the vibe here.

Thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

I only communicated with him when someone needed me to verify something, seemed fine, no negative after-effects.

@Black_sensei could you share a bit more maybe? otherwise hard to tell genuine advice from somoene being preachy, if you see what I mean. :+1:

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I wrote him private message.I deleted my comment.No problem now.

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