First Group Evocation

I figured I would share now that I have had time for this working to unfold. Myself and two others that I practice magick with decided to do a group evocation. First time for all of us.
I made a very large scrying mirror so all three of us could see into it at the same time. We summoned Marbas for healing by calling him into the mirror. I had Copal resin burning in front of it. We each asked for a different healing. I did not see his image but felt an immediate comfort over me. Like someone had put a comforting blanket over my back and wrapped my arms with it. One saw his image in the incense in front of the mirror and the other felt his presence. We sat silently each asking for what we wanted. Then I dismissed him.
As we left the ritual space and headed back we heard a loud metal bang behind us in the area where we summoned Marbas. We were in the middle of the woods with no metal left behind. We all looked at each other with the “did you just hear that?” look on our faces. We all smiled and continued on.
It’s been over a week since the ritual. We met last night to compare experiences since the summoning. We have all felt better, physically. Two of us have been seeing Marbas in dreams and mists of smoke. Marbas has appeared with a another man. He is bearded with a fuller face. They have a marble look to them. He was very polite and direct and said We did not close the portal.
I don’t know if I want to close it. I thanked and dismissed him.
Anyone have a similar experience with Marbas? I am not sure who is accompanying him.


great experience, I’ve only worked with another magician at a same time, and the results were impresive for both of us. I need some adition to our group, yet schedules doh…

David St. Clair says something like 3 people can unleash psychic fenomena like the gong you mention (he speaks of tabble tapping (or tipping, sorry can’t remember atm)).

Someone telling you that you haven’t closed the portal properly? My guess would be Malzaz Hyroth if you used the UC :wink:

PS. Good story btw, nice one.