First Goetic Ritual

the Goetia is something I have been reading ever since I was in high school.
I’m 30 now.
The have been completely aware of these things for years.
I never really wanted anything before.
Now that I’m older;I want to learn as much as I can.
Forget money women and power.
I want knowledge.
Which Spirit of the Goetia should I attempt to contact?

That’s pretty vague. What sort of knowledge?

Do you want knowledge of gems and precious stones? Do you want knowledge of the language of birds? Are you looking for knowledge of astronomy or mechanics?

My advice is to read through the descriptions of the 72 and choose the spirit that has the particular knowledge you seek.

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Number 72


I used to be a thief…

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Whatever one you feel pulled towards

Andromalius is awesome .Good choice :slight_smile:

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Start with King Paimon. He will guide you.


I know a lot about the Seal in Gold.
I like Baal Beliel Asmodey.
I want to do something different here.